On Thursday, April 7, 2011, “Stick ‘em Up!,” a highly-anticipated documentary, will debut at the historic River Oaks Theater (2009 West Gray) in Houston, Texas. A revealing look at art notoriety built on stunts, similar to Bankysy’s “Exit Through the Gift Shop”, “Stick ‘em Up!” is an open door into the cloaked and hooded underground street art movement.  Hosted by Aurora Picture Show, the film follows several local wheat paste artists, as they work on the streets, walls and rooftops of a sleeping city.

Directed by Alex Luster of Shoot. Edit. Sleep. written by Tony Reyes of Stone Kanyon Productions and produced by GONZO247, graffiti artist and owner of Aerosol Warfare, the film explores the renegade world of wheat pasting from both sides, featuring interviews from Houston law enforcement officials and notable street artists, including Give Up, Shepherd Fairey, Dual, Eyesore and Cutthroat, to name a few.

True to form, the event will be used to engage the audience on multiple levels, through an art exhibit, live screen-printing and wheat pasting as well as an interactive text-to-graffiti visualization, provided by local web design firm Culture Pilot. Following the show, a private Q&A with the film’s director and producers will allow audience members the opportunity to further explore the street art scene, get to know more about the artists and delve into the filmmaker’s off-camera experiences.

“I’ve been working on the film for three years, striving to capture the artists’ motivation and really call attention to the movement of the inner-city art form,” said Luster.  “Houstonians are REALLY starting to take notice, with some artists gaining cult-like followings. The work is unexpected. The artists are mysterious. This combination makes for an unrelenting desire to know what’s happening behind the scenes.”

With tickets sold out, this screening is a testament to the fascination of an industry that largely operates in the shadows. Watch for the release of additional tickets, available for purchase on the Aurora Picture Show website at This exclusive screening will raise funds to support the public programs hosted by Aurora Picture Show.

About the Filmmaker:
Alex Luster is a documentary filmmaker & television producer living in Houston, Texas. His passion for being behind the camera came at an early age. It lead to his first job in broadcast tv at the age of 14. His appreciation for urban art has culminated in the documenting of a rising inner city art form.