On May 23, 2011 Houston rap artist Baby Jay, in collaboration with Operation Respect, returned to NYC for his 9th tour of NYC Schools! On January 2011, by popular demand Baby Jay completed his 8th New York school tour along with his debut college performance at DartMouth College and debut performance at Houston’s House of Blues!

Baby Jay, also known as Jonathan Gutierrez from Houston, Texas, is a Youth Education Ambassador for Operation Respect, a non-profit organization, co-founded by Peter Yarrow, of Peter, Paul and Mary, that is dedicated to creating safe, compassionate and respectful environments for children and youth. Operation Respect is working to address the disturbing trend of violence and bullying in schools throughout the country and internationally.

In 2006, Baby Jay was the first young rap artist to address the issue of bullying in schools in a positive rap and hip hop song and video, spreading a message of hope, unity and encouragement for the youth of today.

Since Baby Jay’s appearance on the PBS Special, “A Tribute to the Teachers of America,” his recorded performance of “Don’t Laugh At Me” on DVD has been disseminated to thousands of schools throughout America. Baby Jay is the first and youngest rapper to receive the key to the city of Houston and three official city proclamations. He has been officially inducted into the Latin Grammy’s tour bus exhibit along with other top Latin acts and has received media coverage for his positive and encouraging work in schools.