The NAACP has suspended a local branch office president, citing numerous violations with his handling of the organization.

By the terms of the suspension, Dr. Derric Cofield must stop representing the NAACP or take any actions on their behalf, according to a letter acquired by FOX 26 News.

“When an individual becomes a member of the NAACP, that individual pledges to abide by the rules and policies of the Association and the decisions of the Board of Directors,” the letter reads.

Despite those violations, a shocking twist is nestled near the bottom of the letter:

Cofield has not been a member of the NAACP since February 28.

The letter states he never renewed his membership since that date. By that fact, he should never have been involved in NAACP matters since then.

The national office claims they had to act before Cofield put the NAACP in harm’s way. They justified the suspension for the following reasons:

— Failure to secure ratification of the executive committee for actions taken concerning the Executive Director

— Hiring staff and consultants not approved by higher parties

— Failing to notify the executive committee and others that the executive director was suspended without pay pending a resolution

— Failing to compensate staff

— Signing checks not properly requisitioned for disbursement

— Engaging in contracts that put the local office into debt

— Giving incorrect, harmful and inimical information to grantors

By the terms of the suspension, Cofield must turn over all documents, records and other property to the local office by the end of this week.

He has 14 days to request a hearing in front of the national board of directors.

FOX 26 first broke the story about the battle between Cofield and Executive Director Yolanda Smith. At the end of last month, representatives from the national group came to Houston and re-instated Smith.

We have tried to reach Cofield tonight for reaction, but haven’t heard back yet. We’ll have much more on this story Friday.

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