The Harris County Sheriff’s Office web site has new content, new features and a new look that provides the public with more useful information and easier access to knowledge that allows residents to prevent crime, get crime victims’ assistance, get involved in their communities, check on inmates and their court cases, and more.

“We want citizens to visit our web site not necessarily just to read about all the good things the Sheriff’s Office is doing, but to really be able to get their questions answered and be able to take care of whatever challenges or issues they have,” Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia told the news media today.

Sheriff Garcia emphasized that the web site is “a work in progress” that will contain additional information in the coming months, including expansion of the material available in Spanish. He asked the public for suggestions about how to add to the latest improvements.

At, users will find streamlined, clear access to information. Examples:

n Using CrimeReports, a database showing crimes in the unincorporated areas of Harris County on a block-by-block or neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis, plus the location of registered sex offenders throughout the entire county.

n Reporting minor property crimes on-line.

n Applying for a job with the Sheriff’s Office, joining its (volunteer) Reserve Command or attending the Citizen’s Police Academy.

n Obtaining an alarm permit.

n Requesting public records.

n Dealing with minor traffic accidents.

n Contacting the Sheriff’s Office by e-mail or telephone.

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