After being used by a Northern Virginia regiment during the war, it was adopted by hate groups that used it to terrorize blacks throughout the South after the war. The flag was also used in the 1950′s and 1960′s as a means of sending a signal to the African-American community that the governments of the South were not in favor of the civil rights movement.
Gary Bledsoe, president of the Texas NAACP offers a haunting analogy:

What is next? If this government-issued license plate is approved, the board should also stand ready to approve a license plate with a swastika on it. Revisionism that tries to paint the Confederacy as a symbol of states’ rights could in the same breath repaint the Nazi regime (because after all, didn’t Hitler bring Germany out of a recession?). Both symbols are inextricably linked to horrible human atrocities, and should not be dignified by the state of Texas through a prominent feature on a state-issued license plate.

Whether individuals have a right to display the flag is an entirely separate issue from whether the government should do so on state-issued property. It is important that Texas not go the way of other states like Virginia and Florida that have lost battles trying to keep this hate-filled insignia off of their license plates.

Please send your faxes or emails to both the Commission and the State NAACP Office so they can keep tabs of the numbers who have weighed in. Recent reports indicate that there were originally 127 people who wrote in favor of the proposed new plates and 9 people who opposed.

The numbers and names for the Department of Motor Vehicles is Julie Beisert (Julie.beisert@txdmv.gov), the liaison for the Board. Main number is 888-368-4689. Fax a copy of your letter to the Texas State NAACP at 512-322-0757.


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  1. Brian Jacks June 13, 2013 11:08 am 

    The confederate flag, has nothing to do with racism. Yes the klan, skin heads, and other white supremeness groups use the flag but they are the ones that gave the flag a bad name. The flag was originally created to be the battle flag of the C.S.A. after they broke away from the union. The war everyone knows about about, the civil war, was the main battle where the flag was flown. The civil war was over alot more than just slavery. In fact, the confederate states of america were fighting for freedom and were allied with France and Britain. Lincoln made a GENIUS decision and advertised that the confederates were fighting to keep their slaves. The British and French didn’t want to be “pro- Slavery” as that would look bad, gaining those allies. So no, the civil war did not erupt over slavery. What’s wrong is the way the war is taught. The confederates didn’t give the flag a bad name but racist groups like the KKK and skinheads used it incorrectly. It was wrong for them to do what they did. The confederates weren’t fighting for slavery, but for independence and for states rights Fact: general lee didnt even own a slave but the northern generals did. Fact: the south freed their slaves before the north. Fact: the slaves that were freed joined the confederate army willingly and were proud to fight with us. Fact: the us flag had more slavery under it than the confederate flag. Fact: a lot black people fly the confederate flag too. There is more to the confederate flag than just what is pro-trade. I am not southern, or racist for that matter. I am from the North and I know my history. Know your history before you make an opinion.

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