My new Tablet!
With all the ports I need!
My favorite tablet but there are no ports!

Hey – I already know I have an electronics problem.  That’s a known fact.  I have to have the latest technology as soon as it comes out.  Computer tablets are no different. 

For almost 7 months I was completely satisfied with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.  It was a great tool I used for work.  But sometimes when I wanted to view legal documents it was a bit tough on the eyes. 

When Samsung announced they were releasing the 10 inch version I was very excited.  The first week the SGT 10.1 came out I was in line to get mine. 

But something was missing.  There was no HDMI, USB, or SD Card capabilities. 

All of that change when Toshiba released it’s 10 inch tablet called the Thrive on July 10th.  I had to get it. 

So, I returned the 10 inch Galaxy Tab to Best Buy and they were more than willing to hand over the Toshiba Thrive.  I also got some change with the exchange. 

So far I’m enjoying it but you know how things can change with the Insite and electronics.  Just cross your fingers and wish me the best!