Irvin J. Williams On The Scene

By: Irvin J. Williams

The line was close to a mile long!!  The line started near the stage inside Central Park, it was 50ft wide and packed with people inside barricaded areas that curved about half a mile inside the park.   The line on the street was about 5ft wide and more than 2 city blocks outside the park…. most of the people in line did NOT get in!

I arrived around 4AM, straight from the club and the line inside Central Park was already at capacity, I ended up at the end of city block 1 outside the park.  

After realizing we could jump a brick wall and get inside the park, me and my friends (3 of us) jumped the wall and ended up in the line shown in picture 00001.  

The line inside Central Park did not move for 2hrs… hundreds of people became irritated and began jumping metal rails and running towards the stage area only to realize this area was also fenced and we suddenly felt defeated!  They told everyone that rushed the stage that only a hundred spots were available and none of us would get in, only a few of the people in the line that extended throughout the park and 2 city blocks (which had over a thousand people)!

After 15 minutes of trying to accept that I traveled from Houston to NYC and wouldn’t see BeyoncĂ©….. police officers began to let a few people inside the venue and we were able to jump some more barricades and walk into the venue with people that had been waiting in line since 10PM the previous night!!  And after all of that I got the show of my life and here are my pics!!  Don’t judge, I was desperate and did what I had to do!! End of Story!