It was a year ago when I first published an open letter from a group called the Legends of KTSU.  Back then they were not happy with the direction the college radio station was going.  A year later they still have some concerns.  I’m publishing this letter (after it was heavily redacted by The Insite) because I know who it can be attributed to and how to contact them if there is a need for clarification or a retraction:

Since it’s inception, KTSU 90.9 FM Radio Station has been a constant pulse which beats life producing musical vibes throughout the Third Ward, The City of Houston and the World by way of the internet and the word of travelers who come in contact with this beautiful thing we have in Houston and go back and tell others they meet about “Jazz In All It’s Colors” and a whole lot more!!!


This institution provided a much needed voice in an ever-changing world where the colorful vibrations of its purveyors painted rhythmic hues of pianos and saxes to feed a generation of listeners the roadmap of the masters…that NOBLE sound.  From Basie to Sachmo to Ella, Sarah and Miles, that noble sound has set the pace through thick and thin it’s always been the Choice 90.9 on your FM dial.


Today our beloved KTSU (The Black Jewel) has been taken over by veritable dictators who forcefully have enslaved the artists also known as deejays who transmit to us all the music we have come to know and love.  We use the word enslave to emphasize the forceful power the leadership uses to get the so-called employees to tow-the-line or get the hell out!  In former letters to the public and the media, we outlined several areas that were being threatened by this regime which went virtually unnoticed.  Since that time, with the authorization of XXXXXXXXX, current XXXXXXXXXXXXXX has begun enacting sweeping changes at the radio station which will ultimately cause the demise of the reputation KTSU has built as a leading Jazz authority and provider for the listening public.  The direction and incompetent nature of her moves makes it clear to the experienced eye that this twit has no earthly idea of what to do in this slot and as time passes with her at the helm, the buffoonery only increases.
In the short passage of time that XXXXXX has been allowed to enact her gestapo approach over this entity, KTSU has taken a tremendous beating in the ears of its listening audience who are left yearning for the sound of the masters they once enjoyed.  Today there is a constant barrage of soupy sappy smooth Jazz music being inserted into the programming schedule on a daily basis and less of the straight ahead-middle of the road Jazz music KTSU has always been known for.  

Nowadays, a true Jazz lover would do better playing music from their own music collection than to depend on the offering this current administration has played.  As if that were not bad enough, there is also the troubling forceful insertion on the Jazz landscape of XXXXXXXXXXXX as an emcee at each and every function that KTSU is involved in; serving as the sole representative of the radio station and the university on which it stands.  As an emcee, she fails at every outing to add any color, class or pizazz to the events we see her host, not to mention the fact that she is the worlds biggest groupie always being overwhelmed just being in the company of noteworthy artists and personalities thus proving that she is truly out of her league!  If this individual is to represent the station,  Texas Southern University and its Board of Regents, shouldn’t she  posess a more well rounded knowledge of the music and the artists as well as the history behind them?  As it currently stands, she does a very embarrasing job as the lead person on a staff of individuals who have a great deal more experience and knowledge than she and actually makes KTSU look bad not good.  

(portion of letter deleted by the Insite)

KTSU 90.9 FM has a tremendous heritage of playing music and putting out vital messages in our community.  Surviving these past 36 years is no accidental occurrence and continuing to exist will be no accident either.  To try and fix something 36 years old by changing it is a fatal mistake and must cease immediately!   

This is a cry out to the true lovers of “The Choice” 90.9 FM KTSU to stand up and be counted.  Let your voice be heard!  Don’t allow these individuals to destroy what you have grown to love.  This radio station has been built with the blood, sweat, and tears of hardworking volunteers who have devoted countless hours to this entity for no pay.  We’ve now entered into an era where the top people are getting the big bucks and the real workers are left out still with nothing…not even a bus token.  Sweeping changes have already begun don’t fall asleep and let them take KTSU, “The Black Jewel” away from it’s family.  “What Are They Doing To The Black Jewel IV”?


                                            Honestly Submitted,
                                            Concerned Legends of  KTSU