If you wake up before 10 am and listen to 97.9 FM then you’ll likely know her voice.  She is Nnete.

She’s part of the Madd Hatta Morning show.

Nnete is a member of the early morning urban show team.

She’s also the no nonsense interviewer who takes on top notch entertainers like Kelly Rowland in compelling and confrontational interviews.

But the local talent is now in the midst of  taking the next step in her career.

Nnete has ventured into the world of comedy.  She now considers herself an up and coming stand-up comedian.

Nnete says, “I’ve always admired the guts and whits of Stand-up comics and the ability to share their unique perspective about life.” 

Just this week the University of Houston graduate opened for a group of veteran comedians at the Improv in Houston. 

It was Nnete’s first professional gig even though she’s done lots of open mic nights around the city. 

The Insite has already seen rave reviews on Twitter and Facebook about Nnete’s Thursday night appearance.

She says, “in January, my college friend Comedian Billy Sorrells, who I hosted a stepshow with in 2006 in San Marcos, encouraged me to stop waiting, seize the moment, and get on stage.”

That moment has officially been seized.  But a shocking influence in Nnete’s decision was a man who comes from comedy royalty.  

That man is Charlie Murphy, the brother of comedian Eddie Murphy.  

Nnete says, “I started working out my material at various open mics and functions, then Comedian/Actor Charlie Murphy invited me to open a show for him at the Improv and I’ve been hooked ever since.”

And the rest is history…but Nnete’s comedic career is just getting started and preparing to take Houston by storm!

Link to more about Nnete:  WWW.NNETEWORLD.COM