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I ran into this man loading an air conditioning unit into a vehicle driven by a female.  That man says he was moving into the trailer home where the unit came from.  He told the Insite he was a new tenant.  But the owner called the Insite Monday morning saying the man you see in the video is not a tenenant and he allegedly stole the air conditioning unit from his property.  That property owner has since filed a police complaint against the man the Insite confronts in the video.  By the way, the niece of this man contacted me via Twitter claiming her uncle was an alleged crackhead!


Ray Hunt

Congratulations to long time Houston police officer Ray Hunt. 

With more than 80% of the vote Hunt has been elected the new President of the Houston Police Officers’ Union. 

Ray has served as vice president of the group under sitting President Gary Blankinship. 

Blankinship decided not to run so Hunt took advantage of the opportunity. 
HPOU is the main bargaining agent for Houston cops and represents more than 4000 officers in the city. 

No word yet what Hunt’s first order of businesss will be!


Here’s an update from the organizer of the Michelle Obama visit scheduled for this Tuesday: 
The First Lady is unable to come to Houston for the scheduled events tomorrow, November 1, due to a family scheduling conflict.
We look forward to her next visit and cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work.
Further information will be forthcoming.

Note: The cancellation also came after reports Mrs. Obama would attend a fundraiser at the home of a  millionaire who is also a former Enron executive.  Remember the company based here in Houston where people lost their investments and retirement.  You know that would lead to bad press for the first lady.

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The news business is not just a business but a service to the community.  That’s why any legitimate news organization would never be caught charging to get a story on the air.  But I felt sort of like a used piece of news meat when I was mistakenly sent an email from the Houston Independent School District.  Apparently, reps at the district put a dollar amount on the ‘free’ news coverage they get in the community.  For example the email I received indicated a 30 second report on ABC 13 was worth $2700 in free publicity. The email also shows how many viewers that station has and the total value of free news coverage the district received.  By the way, the Insite wasn’t the only news person in Houston to get the memo likely meant for only HISD officials.  To the people at HISD – I’m hurt and I feel used!

TV News Clips


Kelly Cripe

Here’s an update on the dogs of Sunny Side from Kelly Cripe.  She did a welfare check on the dogs this weekend thinking they were the victims of abuse.  But Cripe learned the owners were doing the best they could on a limited income so she stepped in to help the owners keep their dogs and help them as well.  Here’s the latest information:

Brad Taylor with A&M Construction in Houston is generously providing materials for the construction of wheelchair ramps for the disabled residents and is providing materials and support for the construction of a fence to enclose the property.
Steve Hogan with Houston Photo Imaging has also made a generous contribution to the fence.
We will be able to begin construction of the fence this weekend! The residents are ecstatic because they will have a greater sense of security and protection and the dogs will no longer have to be chained and can interact and play freely as all dogs should.
Today, we put woodchips down to keep the areas around the dogs cleaner.
The Spay-Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) is not only going to spay & neuter the dogs but they are working to get donations for food, vaccinations and other necessities.
We still need help. It is getting cold and only two of the dogs have shelter. We are desperate to purchase dog houses. I have attached photos of dog houses that I would like to purchase because they were made by a local carpenter in Sunnyside. The houses will help keep the dogs warm and protected. I hope that your viewers and many internet fans can help. Any amount is greatly appreciated!
To contribute to the purchase of dog houses, donors can
1. Donate online at and will need to note “Sunnyside” in the Employer box.
 2. send a check by mail to:
(note “Sunnyside” on the check)
Spay-Neuter Assistance Program, Inc.
P.O. Box 70286
Houston, TX 77270
3. Or to donate by phone, please call SNAP at:

713-862-3863, x205


Reuters News: Samsung Electronics Co overtook Apple Inc as the world’s top smartphone maker in the July-September period with a 44 percent jump in shipments, and forecast strong sales in the current quarter in a clear warning to its rivals.

Samsung (005930.KS) only entered the smartphone market in earnest last year, but its sales have skyrocketed thanks to a sleek production system that rapidly brings new products to market. Apple (AAPL.O) introduced its first iPhone in 2007.

“In the handset division, Samsung has no real rival models to challenge its products except for the iPhone 4S. Apple and Samsung will continue to dominate the market in the fourth quarter,” said Kim Hyun-joong, a fund manager at Midas Asset Management, which owns Samsung shares.

Profits from the South Korean firm’s telecoms division, announced on Friday, more than doubled from a year ago to a record 2.5 trillion won ($2.2 billion) and accounted for 60 percent of Samsung’s total profit, offsetting a plunge in earnings from its bread-and-butter memory chips.

Shipments of smartphones jumped 44 percent from the preceding quarter to 27.8 million units, up nearly four times from a year ago, according to research firm Strategy Analytics.

Apple’s iPhone sales shrank by 16 percent to 17.1 million units in the third quarter. Samsung had 23.8 percent of the global smartphone market in the third quarter, 9 points higher than Apple. Samsung’s flagship Galaxy line of products is powered by Google’s (GOOG.O) Android software.

Apple sold fewer phones in the third quarter, missing street expectations for the first time in year, as customers held off buying iPhones until the October launch of the latest version.

Samsung shares were up 1.6 percent by 0500 GMT (1 a.m. EDT), versus a 0.6 percent gain in the wider market .KS11.

The world’s biggest technology firm by revenue reported a 4.25 trillion won operating profit for the July-September quarter, broadly in line with its earlier estimate of 4.2 trillion won.

That was down from 4.9 trillion won a year ago but up from 3.8 trillion won in the preceding quarter.

Samsung said its fourth-quarter earnings could be better than the third, boosted by one-off gains from its $1.4 billion sale of its hard disk drive business to Seagate Technology (STX.O).


Just when you thought everyone was following the rules in the Texas prison system.  There have been rumors for years that corrections officers have been having sex with inmates in prisons.  The Insite wanted to see just how bad the problem really was so I submitted an open records request to the Texas Department of Corrections.  The numbers were not mind blowing but surprising that just how frequently inmates have sex with employees who are there to insure there is no hanky panky. Records from TDCJ show over a three year period ending in the first half of 2011 at least two female inmates became pregnant in the Texas penal system.  State officials also say over that some time period at least 13 corrections officers were terminated from TDCJ for having sex and or inappropriate contact with inmates.  What do you think of those stats?  


The Insite is hearing some Harris County Sheriff’s Office retirees are upset with the County Commission.  Bob Goerlitz, President of the Harris County Deputies’ Organization, says those retirees are upset because county commissioners took their monthly healthcare premiums up from $0 a month to $115 a month.  Goerlitz says the retirees are on a fixed income and can’t afford to pay the increased rates.  He also says this is plain and simple a broken promise by commissioners.  However, a spokesperson for the County Judge’s office says the increase was likely made because of the budget constraints.  That rep also passed the Insite along to the Harris County Human Resources Department.  We’re hoping to get a response!


The Insite has learned there is a Harris County survey going around that won’t likely give Harris County District Attorney Pat Lykos anything to write home about.

That survey is being conducted by the Harris County Deputies’ Organization.

The President tells the Insite the poll asks workers in the Sheriff’s department and the D.A.’s office if they have confidence in the job currently being done by Lykos.

Bob Goerlitz says so far anywhere from 94% to 98% of the people have said they don’t have confidence in Lykos’ job performance.

This comes at a time when Lykos is facing lots of heat here in the county.

A Harris County grand jury is looking into the role the D.A.’s office may or may not have played in ensuring the integrity of the results from HPD’s Breath Alcohol Testing vans.

The Insite has not received a response from the D.A.’s office so far on the HCDO survey.  Stand by!


Kelly Cripe 

You’ve probably heard of Houston City Council member Jolanda Jones’ spokesperson Kelly Cripe.  Well, what you likely didn’t know is the public relations specialist is an advocate for animals and helps out PETA.  This weekend Cripe says she received a call to go and investigate neglected and abused animals in Sunny Side.  When Cripe arrived she found the animals were being fed but the bigger issue was the owners simply were having a hard time providing for themselves.  So, now Cripe is trying to help both the animals and the owners.  She explains more here:

I was notified of a possible animal cruelty situation so I visited the property yesterday. There are 7 dogs that have been taken in as strays. The property, which serves as a sort of landing spot for people in need in the community, needs a fence along the back and front of the house so that the dogs can be contained and not have to be tethered. I helped clean the property yesterday after the photos were taken and purchased dog bowls, collars, leashes and toys for the dogs. PETA has agreed to help cover the costs of spaying and neutering the dogs and SNAP will provide vet services at a discount. I am hoping people will contribute to help off-set the costs.
One of the dogs belongs to a partially paralyzed man that lives in a neighboring property. He can’t afford the $300 pet deposit so I am hoping to negotiate that amount down today with the landlord and hope that people can help contribute to the deposit so that he can bring his dog indoors.

Help: Anyone that wants to help these dogs with dog houses, food and vaccinations can contribute to SNAP,, and note that their contribution is for the “Sunnyside Dogs.”

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