The Insite has learned there is a Harris County survey going around that won’t likely give Harris County District Attorney Pat Lykos anything to write home about.

That survey is being conducted by the Harris County Deputies’ Organization.

The President tells the Insite the poll asks workers in the Sheriff’s department and the D.A.’s office if they have confidence in the job currently being done by Lykos.

Bob Goerlitz says so far anywhere from 94% to 98% of the people have said they don’t have confidence in Lykos’ job performance.

This comes at a time when Lykos is facing lots of heat here in the county.

A Harris County grand jury is looking into the role the D.A.’s office may or may not have played in ensuring the integrity of the results from HPD’s Breath Alcohol Testing vans.

The Insite has not received a response from the D.A.’s office so far on the HCDO survey.  Stand by!