Kelly Cripe 

You’ve probably heard of Houston City Council member Jolanda Jones’ spokesperson Kelly Cripe.  Well, what you likely didn’t know is the public relations specialist is an advocate for animals and helps out PETA.  This weekend Cripe says she received a call to go and investigate neglected and abused animals in Sunny Side.  When Cripe arrived she found the animals were being fed but the bigger issue was the owners simply were having a hard time providing for themselves.  So, now Cripe is trying to help both the animals and the owners.  She explains more here:

I was notified of a possible animal cruelty situation so I visited the property yesterday. There are 7 dogs that have been taken in as strays. The property, which serves as a sort of landing spot for people in need in the community, needs a fence along the back and front of the house so that the dogs can be contained and not have to be tethered. I helped clean the property yesterday after the photos were taken and purchased dog bowls, collars, leashes and toys for the dogs. PETA has agreed to help cover the costs of spaying and neutering the dogs and SNAP will provide vet services at a discount. I am hoping people will contribute to help off-set the costs.
One of the dogs belongs to a partially paralyzed man that lives in a neighboring property. He can’t afford the $300 pet deposit so I am hoping to negotiate that amount down today with the landlord and hope that people can help contribute to the deposit so that he can bring his dog indoors.

Help: Anyone that wants to help these dogs with dog houses, food and vaccinations can contribute to SNAP,, and note that their contribution is for the “Sunnyside Dogs.”

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