Kelly Cripe

Here’s an update on the dogs of Sunny Side from Kelly Cripe.  She did a welfare check on the dogs this weekend thinking they were the victims of abuse.  But Cripe learned the owners were doing the best they could on a limited income so she stepped in to help the owners keep their dogs and help them as well.  Here’s the latest information:

Brad Taylor with A&M Construction in Houston is generously providing materials for the construction of wheelchair ramps for the disabled residents and is providing materials and support for the construction of a fence to enclose the property.
Steve Hogan with Houston Photo Imaging has also made a generous contribution to the fence.
We will be able to begin construction of the fence this weekend! The residents are ecstatic because they will have a greater sense of security and protection and the dogs will no longer have to be chained and can interact and play freely as all dogs should.
Today, we put woodchips down to keep the areas around the dogs cleaner.
The Spay-Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) is not only going to spay & neuter the dogs but they are working to get donations for food, vaccinations and other necessities.
We still need help. It is getting cold and only two of the dogs have shelter. We are desperate to purchase dog houses. I have attached photos of dog houses that I would like to purchase because they were made by a local carpenter in Sunnyside. The houses will help keep the dogs warm and protected. I hope that your viewers and many internet fans can help. Any amount is greatly appreciated!
To contribute to the purchase of dog houses, donors can
1. Donate online at and will need to note “Sunnyside” in the Employer box.
 2. send a check by mail to:
(note “Sunnyside” on the check)
Spay-Neuter Assistance Program, Inc.
P.O. Box 70286
Houston, TX 77270
3. Or to donate by phone, please call SNAP at:

713-862-3863, x205