Pills in the mail
The recovery disk

The Insite received a letter from a Houston man who’s very upset.  That man is Wayne Shields.  He tells me he ordered a system recovery disk from HP when his computer crashed earlier this month.  Shields says when he received the disk in the mail and opened the package he was shocked to find a plastic baggy full of pills.  It came in a Fedex package with the recovery disk he says he received from HP.  Shields says he’s not been able to get a viable answer from HP why he received the pills other than it was shipped from a third party.  Shields has since filed a police report to insure the pills were not an illegal substance.  He’s also filed a complaint with HP.  The Insite has also placed a call to HP for a response and I will post it as soon as I get one.  Here’s how Shields describe the ordeal in a letter to the Insite:

Wayne Shields

 My name is Wayne Shields…A friend of mine told me to contact you for a possible story.  For background, my computer crashed the week of November 11th.  I have an HP laptop.  After checking around I was directed to call HP to have them send me a Vista recovery disk.  I called them on November 11th and was told that the disk would he shipped soon.  I received a FedEx package on Monday the 14th.  Inside of the package was a ziploc bag with the disk, as well as another ziploc hag containing some white pills.  I called HP and at first they told me that the disk came directly from Microsoft, and they gave me a contact number for them.  At this time I called HPD to have them come to my house and look at the pills to make sure they were not something illegal.  They came out and told me that the pills were not illegal, and that they would not be able to do anything further.   After talking to Microsoft and having them confirm that the disk did not come from them I called back HP and filled a complaint.  I still have the pills, as well as the package that they came in.  I would appreciate any assistance you can give me.