Jerry Davis
Alvin Byrd

There is a heated political battle that could soon boil over in the race for the district B Houston city council race.  It’s where two men are in a runoff for the seat once held by Jarvis Johnson.  On one end you have long time Johnson staffer Alvin Byrd and the other contender is Jerry Davis.  He’s the brother of Breakfast Klub owner Marcus Davis.  At the center of this race is a controversy over Davis’ residency.  Many are asking does he actually live in the district and how long has he lived in the home he’s now claiming as his residence.  Davis tells the Insite he moved into his Houston which is in the district back in 2010.  He says he’s lived there long enough under city rules to run for the council seat.  Davis also says he spent 25 years growing up in the district before leaving in 2000.  He says he’s just like any other young person who leaves home to go to college and then eventually returns. Davis says he wants to focus on the issues in the community rather than the residency issue which he says is not an issue.  Davis has another home listed in Brazoria County which carries his homestead exemption but he maintains the Houston house is his current residence.  The runoff between Byrd and Davis is set for December 10th!