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Frozen meats for sale in the barber shop!

If you’ve ever been to a barber shop in the hood you know there’s more you can get there than just a hair cut.  I was at my barber this weekend and the products available to me

were abundant.  In fact, it was just too much commerce going on in the square footage I found myself in for a half hour.  How bad was it?  During the time I was there to

get my hair cut there were lots of dvd movies for sale.  I also saw a man who brought in frozen meats he stored in the back of his pick up with a deep freezer on back.  How did he power that deep freezer?

That’s the question I have as a potential consumer.  It doesn’t stop there.  As I waited on my turn in the chair a 70+ year old woman walked in selling sandwiches on

potato bread.  I want to know what is potato bread?  I’m not done.  There was also a man who pulled up in a SUV who was selling precooked barbecue plates out the back of his SUV.

I wanted to know where was his health department inspection certificate for that kitchen in his car.  Where did he post it?  And finally, there was a man who pulled up in a vehicle and he was washing cars while

you got your hair cut.  That was simply too many things for one soul to endure in a hour.  But for those who are hungry, with a dirty car, and a barbecue planned for Sunday – my

barber shop is likely the one stop shopping experience they’ve always wanted.  By the way, the picture above is of the frozen meats the man in the pick up truck was selling.  I knew I should’ve

bought some ribs for Super Bowl weekend!


Note: This is not snitching because I did not give the name or location of the barber shop!




It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed listening to the radio in Houston.  That joy came back when News 92 hit the air.

I was also pleased to hear a familiar voice on the radio.

That voice was that of longtime Texas political reporter Scott Braddock.

The news veteran anchors the midday news show on News 92.  But Scott is not just a rip and reader, he brings experience, perspective, and a smart voice to his show.

His anchor style is more conversational while leaving that stiff script behind.

Braddock relies on knowledge to deliver the smart questions to his live guests.

If you haven’t taken the time to listen then you should.

Hey Scott, thanks for dropping by the Factor!


KTRK TV 13 Photojournalist John Mizwa


If you’re ever at the scene of breaking news in the morning you will likely see this guy hauling a camera with a reporter in tow.  He’s KTRK TV 13 photojournalist John Mizwa.

John is considered one of the friendliest and hardest working photographers in Houston.

And then there’s that experience.  John has been on the staff at ABC 13 for 23 years.

He tells the Insite he doesn’t have any plans to call it quits any time soon.

I captured this picture of the veteran journalist while he was covering the tornadoes that touched down in Brenham.

Hey John, thanks for dropping by the Factor!


Ajamie LLP, working with several other firms, recovered a $70 Million settlement from Securities America, Inc., the broker-dealer subsidiary of Ameriprise Financial, Inc. Securities America sold notes for a company called Medical Capital. Medical Capital claimed it would use the money to purchase receivables from medical providers, but in reality Medical Capital was a Ponzi scheme, and used investor money for unrelated purposes and to enrich company executives. Securities America originally sought court approval for a settlement which would have paid investors roughly 5 cents on the dollar, and would have foreclosed investors’ rights to arbitration hearings. The efforts of Ajamie LLP and the other law firms working for the investors substantially improved the settlement by bringing it to close to 50 cents on the dollar – primarily by compelling the corporate parent of Securities America, Ameriprise Financial, to make a significant contribution to the settlement fund.



I ran into some Houston police officers last week who said they’re not sure who they are watching in Tranquility Park anymore.

It’s where members of  Occupy Houston set up shop in late 2011.

Now, it’s 2012 and the park is still being occupied.

The Houston cops I spoke to said they’re not quite sure if they’re still monitoring the occupy participants or members of the city’s growing homeless population.  And here’s why. Just yards away from the Occupy spot in the park is a group of homeless people who live under a overpass near the park.

Houston is among several cities that have yet to evict the Occupy participants.

I contacted members of the national movement via their Houston website but I have yet to get a response who’s actually camping out in the park.

A spokesperson for Mayor Annise Parker’s issued this statement when asked when will it be time for the occupy camp to move out:

Mayor Parker said at the beginning of the month that the Occupy movement in Houston needs to decide what the next phase is going to be and define their goals. They can’t simply continue to ‘occupy’a space. In the meantime, the City maintains dialogue with Occupy Houston members.

Jessica Michan

Press Secretary

Office of Mayor Annise Parker



SHAWN H. PAYTON, age 34, a resident of Jackson, Michigan, who was recently charged by criminal complaint in the Eastern District of Louisiana with sending threatening communications through interstate commerce, was arrested today by the FBI in Michigan announced U.S. Attorney Jim Letten.According to public court documents, on January 7, 2012, at approximately 9:15 p.m., during the nationally televised National Football League (NFL) playoff game between the New Orleans Saints and the Detroit Lions, a threatening phone call was received by the Superdome reception desk. A male caller called the reception desk and asked the receptionist if this was the arena where the New Orleans Saints play. The receptionist stated that it was, and the caller responded that there was a bomb in the building. At this time, the Superdome was filled with over 70,000 people attending the game. A second call came into the Gate F reception desk at approximately 10:00 p.m. The receptionist noticed “7000‑3” on the caller identification, indicating a blocked call. The recorded call obtained from Superdome Information Technology Department confirmed a male caller stated, “Hi, I want you to relay a message to the sideline, if your stupid Southern team keeps winning, there will be reper…severe consequences, okay?” Subsequent investigation by the FBI revealed the caller to be SHAWN H. PAYTON of Jackson, Michigan.PAYTON made his initial appearance before a United States Magistrate in Detroit today. He was released on bond and ordered to appear in the Eastern District of Louisiana on February 14, 2012.If convicted, PAYTON faces a maximum term of five years’ imprisonment, and a $250,000.00 fine.This case is being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and prosecution is being handled by Assistant United States Attorney Greg Kennedy.

STATS Sports Bar and Grill has scored on the national bar scene! This establishment, located on the Northwest side of Houston, has been named a finalist for Nightclub & Bar magazine’s annual awards for the country’s best sports bar.

STATS launched in 2010 with two local bartenders, Jessica Statlander-Bane and Tate Powers, and Mike Statlander at its helm. STATS features 33 flat screen TVs, three 144 inch projection screens and a sports ticker to keep patrons up-to-date on scores, lines, and injury reports. Even the bathrooms & spacious patio contain TVs ensuring that patrons are never far from the game. STATS is the sports bar Houston Chronicle writer, Syd Kearney, calls, “…one of my favorite places to catch a game.”

Nightclub and Bar magazine is the leading publication for this industry and to have a local bar up for an award is an honor. Criteria for the Nightclub and Bar Awards 2012 include: sales increases, activities in the community, charitable work, along with over all appeal and customer value. STATS has meet the criteria of the Nighclub and Bar Awards by: increasing their sales by 25% in a single year and giving back to the local community (both by hosting and partnering events with area organizations). For instance, STATS hosted a raffle and silent auction to benefit a local family who lost a loved one in a tragic car accident. The money raised went towards children’s daycare costs and college fund. STATS also recently hosted a “Charity Chili Cook-Off “ benefitting The Rose Foundation, Houston’s leading non-profit breast cancer facility providing mammography screening, diagnosis, treatment access and support to all women regardless of their financial ability.

In celebration of Super Bowl XLVI, STATS will offer a number of specials and incredible giveaways:

· You can win a 37” flat screen TV, golf bags, party packs and much more in a free raffle! (One ticket per person.)

· The Super Bowl Party Pack

o 2 buckets of domestic beer

o 4 koozies

o 35 wings with 4 extra dipping sauces

o 4 more tickets to enter into the raffle

o Pre-purchase the Super Bowl Party pack for only $50 now, or pay $60 at the door

· Play a game of football squares to win special STATS gift cards

· When you walk in the door, you pick a team to root for, if that team scores STATS to see what specials you’ll receive

· No cover on Sunday, February 5, 2012

STATS regular hours of operation are 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. (7 days a week). Families are welcome from 11a.m. – 6 p.m. After 6 p.m., only those 21 & up are permitted. The kitchen closes at 2 a.m. nightly.




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Congratulations to my fellow Jaguars for another successful fundraiser put on this year. The Southern University Mardi Gras ball in Houston gets better and better every year. The annual event was put on to raise scholarship dollars for deserving students. The gala was held this year at the Westin Galleria. Over 600 people packed into the hotel to give back. The honorees this year were Sonja Nordwood and SU Coach Roger Cador. Congratulations to my good friend Carl Daniel and Millette Clayton Scott for spearheading the event with all the other Jags. Here are some of the pictures the Insite captured at the event where Darian Ward served as the Mistress of Ceremony at the ball!




To: Local, State and National Press
From: Ministry of Justice Activist Deric Muhammad
Re: The Brutalization of Tax-Paying Citizens By HPD

January 29, 2012

        Annika Lewis and her husband Sebastian Prevot are college students taking a break from school to take care of their family.  They are the parents of 3 children. On Friday January 27th, at approximately 2:30am, Annika was awakened by sirens and loud screaming. She looked out her window and saw about 5 police patrol cars and several Caucasian Officers beating and kicking her husband (according to Mrs. Lewis). After identifying herself to the officers as his wife, she questioned why the officers were physically assaulting him. The officer explained that her husband was being arrested but could not explain why they were STILL viciously kicking him after he’d already been handcuffed. Note: In a townhall meeting this past Thursday, Jan. 26, Activist Deric Muhammad instructed residents to begin recording police work. This was said in the presence of an HPD Asst. Chief who assured Mr. Muhammad it was perfectly legal.  Annika did, just that. She went back into the house and grabbed her cell phone and began recording footage of the excessive force and abuse (which is her first Amendment Right). She was neither harming nor interfering with the arrest. One of the officers proceeded to grab Annika (who is 4 ’11 and only weighs 103 lbs.) by her hand twisting it behind her back, forcing the phone from her hand. “Didn’t I tell you to put that fu**ing phone up!” the officer taunted. Another officer grabbed her by her hair pushing her head toward the ground while another officer hit her in the back. When she began screaming, in hopes the neighbors would hear her, one of the officers said “shut the fu** up and punched her in her face several times. She was cuffed and thrown in the backseat of the squad car. They searched her home without consent, asking her about her children who were inside the home. They threatened to take her to jail and call CPS to come and get her children. When the officer finally let her out go he told her that her cell phone was inside the home on her dryer and that she had better not touch it until the officers had left the scene. Afraid, she complied. Once the officers left she grabbed her phone from the dryer to retrieve the recorded footage, but she noticed that the SD Card (that stores video footage) had been removed by one of the officers. The phone display was also cracked. Mrs. Lewis suffered a busted lip, swellings, contusions and bruising from the beating she took from the male officers. She was hospitalized and released. She did take pictures of her injuries. According to Annika, her husband said he was beaten so severely that he had to have part of his ear stitched back on.
……additional details will be provided at today’s press conference.