It was Tuesday when some North Forest Independent School District police officers said they were forced to patrol in the cold after their interim police chief ordered them to remove their jackets while on duty. 

Those allegations came after the officers say they didn’t have on their department designed patches for their jackets. 

Chief Larry Patrick insists the Insite received only half the story.  Here’s the response from NFISD:

“All NFISDofficers are issued cold weather jackets, windbreakers and rain gear. When I became interim chief in May of 2011, I made changes to the uniforms andpatches.  During the Christmas break, I asked officers to make the patchchanges to their winter jackets, which are now in use.  At a meeting atthe high school Tuesday, I asked all the officers who had not made the changeand who were working as school resource officers that day—meaning theywere inside the building, not on patrol, during their shift—to give ustheir jackets for 90 minutes so they could have the correct patch put on at thedistrict’s expense.  At no time were officers working outsidewithout jackets.  No officers were required to pay for the patches.”

Larry Patrick

Interim Chief

NFISD PoliceDepartment 

Note: The officers who contacted the Insite are drafting a response to the chief’s statement.  They say Tuesday’s blog post was accurate and they deny the claims being made by Chief Patrick. They also deny having department issued jackets.  I’ve placed an open records request from North Forest requesting that information.

The Insite will keep you updated!