By Matt Clark:

A new Beyonce pregnant rumor has emerged which indicates her upcoming baby delivery won’t happen in New York City, as previously speculated. Instead, a source is saying the singer’s baby will be born in a Houston hospital.With Beyonce pregnant still, there’s been plenty of rumors and news being spread around. It’s certain that the singer and her husband are awaiting arrival of their first child. What’s not so certain is when and where it will take place. However, an anonymous caller to a radio station claims to know the inside scoop. The man claims he is a worker at the hospital in Houston and radio station 97.7 The Box obtained the folling information:”According to a caller, who shall remain nameless, Beyonce has already landed in Houston today and will be having her baby sometime this week at a hospital in the Medical Center. Dude sounds so serious, like he really has the inside scoop, but you be the judge….”An audio clip including the phone call with the Beyonce baby delivery rumor can be heard here. It’s hard to say this is true or not, because there’s not much to go on, other than a random man calling a radio station. He could just be looking for attention, but he claims she’ll be having the baby this week, probably Friday. One thing the man mentions are that Beyonce’s roots are in Houston, where her family is. So she may have decided to have her baby in her home state. Perhaps it’s easier to hide out from the media there, rather than trying to in NYC?