A burglary suspect struggling with an HCSO deputy for the officer’s weapon died after the gun accidentally discharged during the fight.

It happened about 11 a.m. on Monday in the 18200 block of Linden Forest Ln. in west Harris County.
A woman was home with her toddler son when she heard someone break into the back door. The woman ran out the front door to a neighbor’s house and called police. 
HCSO Deputy D. Warren was the first on the scene and surprised three suspects inside the home. Two of the suspects fled on foot – one of them after jumping out of one of the home’s second story windows. Deputy Warren chased a third suspect out through the back door.
In the backyard, a struggled ensued with the suspect trying to take the deputy’s weapon. During the struggle the deputy’s gun accidentally discharged on two separate occasions, with one bullet striking the suspect. The suspect, not yet identified, was taken to North Cypress Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.
Dep. Warren was shaken up but, as he reassured Sheriff Garcia at the scene, not physically injured. The woman and her child also escaped injury.
Dep. Warren is a field training officer assigned to HCSO district 4. He’s been with the HCSO since 1987.
Investigators were searching for the two suspects at large.