Tucker Wilson’s tips

By: Tucker Wilson

Tips for Football Widows

The playoffs can be difficult for non-sports lovers. Here are a few tips toremind Football Widows that there’s life outside the huddle:

Have a solid game plan. The old adage “If you can’tbeat ’em, join ’em” could be quite effective. Learn about the game, thereare a slew of websites that can teach you enough about to game to make you feellike you’re part of the sideline action.

Create your own special team. If you just can’t get intoit, try a different approach, game time is the perfect chance for you to createa life all your own. While your football fan watches the game, you can hang outwith other football widows. Your team can spend time shopping, checking out thelatest chick flick, or go spa hopping.

The kitchen is closed.  There are positives during this time of yearlook at it as an official break from the kitchen. During the game a menu ofsnacks coupled with ice cold beer is perfectly logical while watching the game.

Suit up on Sundays. Statistics indicate 40 percent of theNFL’s fan base is female. It’s becoming more apparent that women love the NFLjust as much, if not more, than men. There are a series of athletic clothinglines designed with women in mind.

We now interrupt our regularly scheduled programming. Acceptthe reality that football is must-see TV in your home. Recognize the action onthe gridiron will temporarily replace family, chores, the ability to hear, orcomprehend anything a family member or spouse utters.

Although it may seem to drag on forever, don’t fret. Justlike it started, the season will eventually end. While it may appear as ifthose 15-minute quarters are more valuable than gold, your loved one’s focuswill soon return to normal—regardless of whether that’s good or bad.