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Hundreds of Houstonians laid claim to their spot along the streets of downtown Houston for an event they see only once a year.  That event is the Martin Luther King Day parade.  Without fail the annual event snaked

through the city Monday morning with lots of people hoping to catch a glimpse of a float, grab some beads, see their favorite participant, or jam to the band.  This year there was no shortage of bands.  But what struck the Insite as

odd was the number of bands in the 10:00 am parade from Louisiana.  In fact, that was my draw to the big celebration because my high school band from Louisiana was in the parade.  Lead by band director Jason Jones, the

McKinley High School marching band from Baton Rouge was high stepping in the event.  The Big Blue wasn’t alone.  Also, several other bands from my state was in the procession.  Donaldsonville High, Istrouma, and even

Central.  It was like a reunion for me but what was visibly absent were the more prominent Houston high schools.  The only band from the fray I recognized was Milby High and that was about it.  But anyway, it was another

great event and that more special to the Insite.  By the way, happy Martin Luther King Day!