I’m sure by now you all have heard the story of Nikki Araguz. She was married to a rural (Wharton) firefighter who died while working.

Well, the story took a strange twist when it came time to collect the widow’s pension.

The problem was the firefighter’s wife, Nikki Araguz, was born a man.

The courts ruled against her. But since then Araguz has run afoul with the law.

She was arrested for allegedly trying to steal a woman’s Rolex watch.

When Araguz showed up late for her trial she was arrested on the orders of the Harris County Texas Judge.

But that’s not where this campaign by Araguz’s supporters and friends come in just yet.

When Nikki was locked up in the county jail she was listed as a female but they used her male name – Justin Graham Purdue.

That has ticked some in the transgendered community off.

Now, there is a internet campaign to get the jail to use the name Nikki considers her legal name – that’s Nikki Araguz.

Here’s a link to the campaign and the latest post from her friends on the internet:

The Campaign: Sophia Hawes of West Jordon, UT, one of Araguz’s Facebook supporters has taken it upon herself to start a petition demanding that she have her full legal name restored and be treated in accordance with her female gender. The petition can be found at

Araguz continues to request visitors and/or letters from her supporters as well as any commissary deposits so she can purchase writing paper, pens, etc….

Nikki Araguz’s Jail SPN# is 01294528 Justin Graham Purdue, not Nikki Araguz.

The jail is located on the south side of Baker Street between San
Jacinto and Top streets.

SPN# 01294528
Harris County Jail: JA09/M22001A
1200 Baker St
Houston TX 77002