If you’re like me, then you’re not a big fan of heights.  It just give me the willies.  But I met some workers who apparently don’t have a problem with height at all.  Those men are part of a small industry that essentially risk their lives everyday.  They climb tall towers around the country.  The group I met are considered tower maintenance engineers.  They climb those high tv, radio, and phone towers around our city.  One worker says the highest he’s ever been is 2,017 feet.  He tells the Insite that tower is located in Liverpool, Texas.  I asked if they ever get nervous and surprisingly they said yes.  However, they say towers are pretty stable and the only mistake that could hurt them is a mistake they make.  They’re also very cautious going up the towers during strong winds.  Keep in mind the only thing keeping them up is a harness and their strength.  Take a look at the short interview and see them in action in the photos.  Hats off to the guys who do a job I never could!