It was only two weeks ago when a student was able to get a gun on the campus of a North Forest high school.  As a result another student was left shot.

After the highly publicized incident school officials vowed to beef up security.  That promise has been kept with the purchase of 1200 of new see through backpacks for students at the school. The cost was $7800.

The district is hoping this measure will keep students from slipping weapons on to campus.  Here’s the statement the Indite received from a district official:

Administration made the decision that clear backpacks would now be required at North Forest High School as another layer of protection for our students and costs of the backpacks.  In addition to the new backpack requirement, we are also operating metal detectors until 10 a.m. every day…We wanted to implement the new requirement quickly, and not make it a burden on our students and their families, the district covered the cost.

North Forest Independent School District

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  1. dwjordanjr January 23, 2012 10:35 pm 

    What a waste of money! The boy had the gun in his pocket. Reports stated they only turned on the metal detectors part of the day. How does a clear backpack fix the problem. This idea is a sign of out of touch leadership.

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