This is a message I received from Jason Baldwin.  A Houstonian who took his dog to a major pet store chain.  Baldwin says his dog was at the business for grooming when his pet was left with several cuts.  Here’s what Jason had to say about the alleged victimization of his dog.  By the way, The Insite has not been able to reach the pet shop so far tonight:

I need your help in getting this story out. I took my dog to petco in Houston Texas to get a bath and to be groomed. When i picked up she had been cut. The store told me they cut her one time in the throat and it was not that bad. I took her straight to the vet and come to find out she had been cut 5 times in her throat and had chunks of skin hanging from her neck. They had to give her 6 staples. They also found out that she was cut twice on her on front and back paw. Please contact me for more details.
Jason Baldwin


  1. cicely January 24, 2012 10:55 pm 

    This happened to my dog also at petco on Weslayan in Houston. I had to file a formal complaint, and the groomer was eventually fired. You have to call corporate office of petco and file a complaint to start the process. You can also file a small claims lawsuit for your vet bill. Inbox me for more details.

  2. josie January 25, 2012 6:36 pm 

    we had had several incidents and problems with those groomers at petco trying to groom our poodle. He had a nick on his paw from them cutting it ,they claimed he moved to much.
    We have dropped the pup off for a 9am appointment and at 3:30pm he is still not groomed.Just horrible.

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