Frozen meats for sale in the barber shop!

If you’ve ever been to a barber shop in the hood you know there’s more you can get there than just a hair cut.  I was at my barber this weekend and the products available to me

were abundant.  In fact, it was just too much commerce going on in the square footage I found myself in for a half hour.  How bad was it?  During the time I was there to

get my hair cut there were lots of dvd movies for sale.  I also saw a man who brought in frozen meats he stored in the back of his pick up with a deep freezer on back.  How did he power that deep freezer?

That’s the question I have as a potential consumer.  It doesn’t stop there.  As I waited on my turn in the chair a 70+ year old woman walked in selling sandwiches on

potato bread.  I want to know what is potato bread?  I’m not done.  There was also a man who pulled up in a SUV who was selling precooked barbecue plates out the back of his SUV.

I wanted to know where was his health department inspection certificate for that kitchen in his car.  Where did he post it?  And finally, there was a man who pulled up in a vehicle and he was washing cars while

you got your hair cut.  That was simply too many things for one soul to endure in a hour.  But for those who are hungry, with a dirty car, and a barbecue planned for Sunday – my

barber shop is likely the one stop shopping experience they’ve always wanted.  By the way, the picture above is of the frozen meats the man in the pick up truck was selling.  I knew I should’ve

bought some ribs for Super Bowl weekend!


Note: This is not snitching because I did not give the name or location of the barber shop!