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Here we go Houston! Mud Bugs are crawlin’ and we are boilin’.

That great time of the year when the weather starts to warm and the crawfish start to swarm is upon us.

Good Ole Boy’s Restaurant and catering in Katy, Texas is always the first to have live crawfish and the last to run out.

We’ve had crawfish for six weeks already and they are starting to look real good.

Good Ole Boys located at 26403 Katy Freeway Katy, TX has by all accounts the best tasting, most authentic crawfish in all of Texas and most of Louisiana.

Good Ole Boys has now teamed up with Vida Loca Restaurant at Kingsland and Mason Road in Katy, boiling crawfish all day Saturday and Sunday as well as all week at our Katy Location.

Our crawfish seasoning is a seventy five year old family recipe out of Breau Bridge Louisiana. There are no others like it and you can only get it at Good Ole Boys so come out and see us or give us a call and we will see you soon.

Laissez les bon temps rouler!



Houston Mayor Annise Parker today unveiled the first phase of her plan to help address overcrowding in the city jail. The new approach diverts public intoxication cases from the jail to a Sobering Center to receive care from social service professionals. Located in north downtown Houston, minutes from the city jail and municipal courts, the Center is slated to open by the end of 2012 as part of a public/private partnership agreement with the Star of Hope.

“Incarcerating individuals whose only criminal behavior is public intoxication diverts law enforcement from more serious or life threatening crimes,” said Mayor Annise Parker. “Sobering centers in other cities have proven to be time savers for patrol officers, allowing them to quickly return to their assigned neighborhoods to deal with more serious crimes.”


The Sobering Center will provide intoxicated individuals, who often pose a hazard to themselves as well as to the general public, an alternative to jail. The option will not be available to those caught driving drunk or with outstanding warrants. Those who choose to go to the Sobering Center will be observed and given necessary outpatient services to manage various intoxication levels. Once sober, detainees will be offered opportunities for long-term treatment with appropriate social service agencies. The activities of the Sobering Center will be fully consistent with medical professionals’ definition of the treatment of addiction as a disease, focusing on short-term treatment and intervention opportunities delivered by professionals.

The Center will be operated as a secular public/private partnership. The Houston Police Department (HPD), Health and Human Services and Houston Fire Departments(HFD) will provide city services at the site, and the Star of Hope will provide the professionals necessary to help with social services.

Currently, City of Houston spends about $25 million per year in jail operations, of which an estimated $4-6 million is attributed to public intoxication cases.

A 501(c)3 foundation will also be created to aid in future fundraising for operations and possible future expansion.

An advance funding request to complete construction drawings, including cost estimates for planning and detailing capital improvements, is expected to be on the City Council agenda on March 7.


I was on the hunt for crawfish this weekend in Texas and wash shocked at the prices from local restaurants and seafood markets.

The first popular restaurant I called said they charged $11.95 for a single pound of crawfish.

I decided to call a local seafood market and was told the price of crawfish was $8.95 a pound.

One Houston spot was also selling their crawfish by the bucket for only $31.00.

I wondered to myself what is going on.

Then I realized crawfish season is not in full effect just yet. That usually happens in about March and starts to wind down near the end of the summer.

But here’s the good news.  The crawfish season is expected to be plentiful this year because of the late arriving rain

and warmer winter temperatures.

In Louisiana crawfish cooked and live can be found from an average of $3 to $4 a pound.

So, if you can’t wait for the prices to drop here in Texas it may be worth a trip to the boot!


Link: Everything you need to know about crawfish!










Houston Police Department Robbery Division investigators are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying several suspects believed responsible for at least 14 robberies of businesses throughout north and northeast Houston in the past 30 days.

The suspects are described only as two to three black males wearing hooded coats or jackets to cover their heads, designer jeans with white stiching on the back pocket and a long gold chain necklace.  They are armed with a revolver with a red laser light attached.  They are driving a maroon Lincoln and a gray or black Chevrolet Impala or Malibu. A surveillance video clip and photos of the suspects are attached to this release.

The suspects are linked to robberies at:

  • 9421 Mesa – Subway and an EZ Loan Store
  • 9415 Mesa – Game Stop
  • 3415 Orlando – Boostmobil
  • 5540 Airline – Boostmobil
  • 6515 Tidwell – Cricket
  • 3301 E. Tidwell – Cricket
  • 7208 N. Shepherd – Cricket
  • 8703 MLK – Cricket
  • 2920 Tidwell – EZ Money
  • 5910 Scott – Club Cellular
  • 133 Little York – Gold Depot
  • 2030 Little York – Paisono Cricker

In all cases, the suspects enter the business and pretend to be customers before robbing the business.  Usually the suspect is alone, but is sometimes accompanied by one or two other suspects.  The revolver with a red laser light is consistently used.

Anyone with information on the identity or whereabouts of these suspects is asked to call the HPD Robbery Division at 713-308-0700 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

voodoo dolls

A Houston couple is demanding answers this week after a shocking moment on what was supposed to be an enjoyable weekend getaway.

Carla and Clevon Davis say they were spending the weekend a hotel in Clear Lake when they noticed something outside of their room.

Mrs. Davis says it was a VooDoo doll.  That’s right a VooDoo doll.

The couple didn’t know what to make of the object found outside of their hotel room.

Davis says she reported it to hotel management but no one seemed to care.

She says the hotel also said it wasn’t their responsibility that the object was found outside their door.

The Insite placed a call to the manager of the hotel and have yet to hear back as of yet.  Stay tuned!






A Houston area immigration attorney got the shock of his life when he arrived from a trip to Louisiana over the weekend.

Jose Vega flew back into Hobby Airport where he parked his car for the duration of the trip.

Vega thought his BMW would be safe since it was parked at the airport where the Houston Police Department provides security.

Apparently, the patrolman was asleep at the wheel.

Vega’s car, as you can see in the photo, was stripped of its wheels.  All four wheels.

The attorney said he couldn’t believe what he found because he thought his vehicle was secure.

Vega also says he was told by investigators there have been several such thefts from Hobby’s airport parking area since January.

He also says it’s been difficult to get his car moved because tow trucks can’t seem to get into the parking garage where his crippled vehicle is located.

Vega says he thought he had locks on the tires of his BMW but he now realizes he was wrong.

A spokesperson from the airport said this was a HPD issue but actually it’s now a Vega problem.


Update: HPD confirms this case and John Cannon says there are at least three thefts where the whole wheel is stolen since December.  He also says detectives at

the airport with HPD is actively working this case!



Believe it or not there are a lot of people who like to eat in hospital cafeterias for one reason or another.

Carey Clay is one of those people.

He says eating at one particular local hospital was a daily routine until last week.

Clay says he along with others would stop in the cafeteria to grab breakfast because of its convenience
to his bus route that he takes to work.

But all of that changed last week when Clay says he was officially banned from the hospital’s dinning hall.

Clay says he was told the cafeteria is for those who are patients, visiting, or working at the hospital. 

Clay says he was escorted out of the building for violating a policy he didn’t know about even before he was able to get his french toast.

The Houstonian says he was told by security officers at the hospital not to return.

He also says his picture was taken and likely posted for any future possible trespassing.

Clay, who is very angry and embarassed by the encounter, says he feels like the victim of discrimination.

I’ve placed calls to the hospital in hopes of getting a response before I release the name.

What do you think about the hospital’s policy not to allow the public to eat in the dinning hall if you’re there taking care of business?


Details are still coming in but police sources say at least four people have been shot near the Sharpstown area this afternoon. Officers monitoring the situation say a man has apparently shot three people including two children. The incident just happened at an apartment located at 6161 Reims. Police say the shooter in this case then turned the gun on himself taking his own life. It’s not clear if the victims were just wounded or are dead. The Insite is still working to get you details. Also stay tuned to FOX 26 news at 9pm!



Press Release

On February 24, 2012, a Montgomery County Grand Jury indicted the Mayor of Patton Village Pamela Munoz and other city officials after a thorough investigation by the Montgomery County District Attorney Office – Public Integrity Division, the FBI, the Texas Rangers, the Department of Public Safety – Regulatory Crimes Bureau, the United States Department of Agriculture – Office of Inspector General and the DEA.    In late September, 2011, the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office – Public Integrity Division received information concerning possible illegal activity on the part of City of Patton Village officials and employees.  With this information, the District Attorney’s Office and Texas Rangers executed a search warrant on the City of Patton Village on October 4, 2011.  During the search warrant execution, computers, financial reports, payroll records, invoices, contracts, bank records, and other documents and reports were obtained.   Over the course of several months, with the assistance of the FBI, Department of Agriculture, and Department of Public Safety, investigators uncovered evidence that the Grand Jury determined amounted to probable cause and believed that various criminal offenses on the part of the Mayor Pamela Munoz, city employees and current and former police officers were committed.  These offenses include Abuse of Official Capacity, Misuse of Official Information, Misapplication of Fiduciary Property, Securing Execution of Document by Deception, and Theft by a Public Servant and they range from 2nd Degree Felonies to Class B Misdemeanors.    In total, 7 individuals were indicted by the Grand Jury.  Those individuals include the Mayor, Pamela Munoz, the City Secretary Georgia Simons, the Court Clerk Patricia Edmondson, and current and former police officers Kenneth McLin, Michael Seymour, William Martin, and Deangelo Lavergne.  Additionally, as a result of this investigation, three other former police officers were charged with additional criminal offenses in surrounding counties.  Many of these individuals were arrested on active warrants this afternoon.   Phil Grant: “The citizens of Montgomery County have asked that our office aggressively seek and investigate allegations of public corruption and unfortunately, it appears the City of Patton Village is the latest example of public officials and police officers using city funds and property for their personal benefit.” Tyler Dunman: “In Montgomery County, public officials will be expected to act both lawfully and responsibly when dealing with public funds and property and we look forward to presenting these cases to a jury at the appropriate time.”