I was surprised when I got several calls and emails from a Houston woman hoping to get help from me.  That woman says she was scammed by a non-profit agency.  She says the director of the group promised to help her repair her home after she received damage from Hurricane Ike.  The woman was told to hand over the $15,000  check she got from her insurance for the damage and the non-profit would apply for more grants to get the home repaired.  Here’s where I came in the alleged scam.

The director of the agency told the Houston woman once she pays the $15,000 and the home repairs are complete then Isiah Carey from FOX 26 will come out and do a story on her.  Huh?  I’m not quite sure why the non-profit would use me as a draw to scam people.  I don’t know the director nor have I ever heard of the agency.  The woman says because the director used my name – she waited a full two years for the repairs to get done.  That woman is still waiting today and has been displaced from her house since and now no money to repair it.  Her $15,000 is gone with the non-profit that has moved twice in as many years.  The Insite will continue digging to try and get this woman some answers!