A Houston area immigration attorney got the shock of his life when he arrived from a trip to Louisiana over the weekend.

Jose Vega flew back into Hobby Airport where he parked his car for the duration of the trip.

Vega thought his BMW would be safe since it was parked at the airport where the Houston Police Department provides security.

Apparently, the patrolman was asleep at the wheel.

Vega’s car, as you can see in the photo, was stripped of its wheels.  All four wheels.

The attorney said he couldn’t believe what he found because he thought his vehicle was secure.

Vega also says he was told by investigators there have been several such thefts from Hobby’s airport parking area since January.

He also says it’s been difficult to get his car moved because tow trucks can’t seem to get into the parking garage where his crippled vehicle is located.

Vega says he thought he had locks on the tires of his BMW but he now realizes he was wrong.

A spokesperson from the airport said this was a HPD issue but actually it’s now a Vega problem.


Update: HPD confirms this case and John Cannon says there are at least three thefts where the whole wheel is stolen since December.  He also says detectives at

the airport with HPD is actively working this case!

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  1. karen February 27, 2012 6:31 pm 

    couldnt have happened to an nicer guy..

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