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Press Release

On February 24, 2012, a Montgomery County Grand Jury indicted the Mayor of Patton Village Pamela Munoz and other city officials after a thorough investigation by the Montgomery County District Attorney Office – Public Integrity Division, the FBI, the Texas Rangers, the Department of Public Safety – Regulatory Crimes Bureau, the United States Department of Agriculture – Office of Inspector General and the DEA.    In late September, 2011, the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office – Public Integrity Division received information concerning possible illegal activity on the part of City of Patton Village officials and employees.  With this information, the District Attorney’s Office and Texas Rangers executed a search warrant on the City of Patton Village on October 4, 2011.  During the search warrant execution, computers, financial reports, payroll records, invoices, contracts, bank records, and other documents and reports were obtained.   Over the course of several months, with the assistance of the FBI, Department of Agriculture, and Department of Public Safety, investigators uncovered evidence that the Grand Jury determined amounted to probable cause and believed that various criminal offenses on the part of the Mayor Pamela Munoz, city employees and current and former police officers were committed.  These offenses include Abuse of Official Capacity, Misuse of Official Information, Misapplication of Fiduciary Property, Securing Execution of Document by Deception, and Theft by a Public Servant and they range from 2nd Degree Felonies to Class B Misdemeanors.    In total, 7 individuals were indicted by the Grand Jury.  Those individuals include the Mayor, Pamela Munoz, the City Secretary Georgia Simons, the Court Clerk Patricia Edmondson, and current and former police officers Kenneth McLin, Michael Seymour, William Martin, and Deangelo Lavergne.  Additionally, as a result of this investigation, three other former police officers were charged with additional criminal offenses in surrounding counties.  Many of these individuals were arrested on active warrants this afternoon.   Phil Grant: “The citizens of Montgomery County have asked that our office aggressively seek and investigate allegations of public corruption and unfortunately, it appears the City of Patton Village is the latest example of public officials and police officers using city funds and property for their personal benefit.” Tyler Dunman: “In Montgomery County, public officials will be expected to act both lawfully and responsibly when dealing with public funds and property and we look forward to presenting these cases to a jury at the appropriate time.”       



My intentions have always been good to pay my parking citations. But as time passed I just never got around to it. But the City of Houston got around to me. While I was out working on a report Friday  in my personal vehicle the car caught the attention of parking enforcement.


The next thing I knew I had a boot on my car.  The attendants were nice enough.  They said they’d come right back and remove the boot after I pay for my outstanding citations.  I have my fingers crossed.  But let this be a lesson to all of us.  Take care of those parking tickets. 


The Insite is attempting to get a comment about a cookie that’s causing controversy in West Columbia.

Some Republican parents of students who attend school at Columbia High are very upset.

They say their children were given what they call Obama cookies at the school.

That would be cookies with the image of President Barack Obama on it.

I have contacted the Columbia Brazoria Independent School District for a comment. 

I was told a school official would get back with me. 

Some parents are claiming giving their kids cookies with President Obama’s likeness on it is simply a form of indoctrination. 

What do you think? 


Update from the school district:

We spoke with Dr. Darryl Morris who is Director of Comunications and Human Resources with the district. 

He says they didn’t have class on President’s day so when the students returned they  gave out Presidential cookies that came from a vendor – The Dick and Jane Baking Company.  

Dr. Morris says there was an assortment of cookies with various Presidents on them and not just President Obama. 

Dr. Morris also says Brazosport and Angleton school districts also gave out the same type of cookies. 

He says the cookies are like an educational tool in the lunchroom.

Note: Picture above is actual cookie handed out the school.



From Rolling Out Mag:

In the wake of Whitney Houston’s death, many have been sharing their thoughts, stories and opinions about the late singer. But according to actress Meagan Good, Houston was preparing to tell her own life’s story with a biopic and was considering none other than Good to play her in the film.Good broke the news about the planned biopic in an interview with E! Online, revealing that she and Houston had begun initial talks about creating the film.“We were fairly in the beginning stages,” Good said. “We were supposed to meet today actually.”Good said that the two were in the middle of discussing exactly how the film should end; on a high note or a low note.“My feeling is because she has the film Sparkle coming out and she’s brilliant in it and she looks beautiful and healthy — my feeling was that’s how we should end the movie — as a new beginning for her,” Good said.Since Houston’s death, all plans for the film have halted and Good says it’s too soon to think about resuming plans. But when the plans are revived, she says she will not attempt to do her own singing in the film.“I don’t think we’ve ever had a singer in history that I remember that could sing like her,” she said. “Plus, when people see someone’s life story they want to hear that person’s voice, because they connect with it in their spirit and their soul. So you would have to use her voice.”As the interview came to an end, Good became teary-eyed as she recalled her late friend’s vibrant personality and referred to her in the present tense.“For anybody spending time around Whitney, she’s so much fun,” she said. “She’s got just [has] a sassy attitude and is very funny and funky. She’s definitely a fun person to be around.”Let us know what you think about Good playing Houston in the comments below and check out a list of great film biopics after the cut. – nicholas robinson 


For the 22nd time a local labor union is honoring those they believe are pillars in the community.  HESP Union held their annual celebration Thursday morning where several people in Houston got the nod from the organization that represents support workers like custodians and cooks in the Houston Independent School District.  The keynote speaker was Houston businessman Dallas Jones.

HESP President Wretha Thomas was on hand with lots of dignitaries like Representative Alma Allen and Congressman Al Green.  I served as the master of ceremony for the sixth year.  Congratulations to all the honorees!

Facebook is not just about socializing as of late.  The social media website has been buzzing with people complaining about their late tax refunds.  Individuals say they were given specific dates by the IRS when their tax refunds will arrive in their bank account.  Some say that date has changed several times.  So, what is going on?  Last month the Internal Revenue Service indicated there would be delays because of a new software program that’s designed to catch fraud.  But that was for those who filed electronically after January 26.  But there’s no reason for the current backlog the agency is having getting some their refunds.

The IRS issued this statement addressing the problem:  “refunds have been issued to millions of taxpayers.  When the IRS announced the opening of the 2012 filing season, it advised taxpayers who electronically file and select direct deposit that they could see their refunds in 10 to 21 days. Some taxpayers are getting refunds much faster, but at this time taxpayers should expect refunds to be issued as indicated in the original IRS guidelines.” So with that said it looks like the check may be in the mail!

Just when you thought it was safe to leave your computer on the dash and your wallet on the seat here comes a thief.

That’s exactly what’s happening in the Woodlands.

Local fitness gyms are warning its patrons to make sure they hide their valuables when they workout.

At the 24 Hour Fitness on Kuykendahl in the Woodlands there is a sign at the front check in counter warning customers they could be victimized.

Apparently, deputies from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s office is reporting a string of thefts at local workout facilities.

One gym employee said an unknown person in a Suburban used the big SUV to block a security camera and broke into a car into the parking lot of 24.


The notice posted by 24 indicates all of the precautions its customers should take.

The Insite will contact the sheriff’s department to see just how bad the problem is in the area.

But if you live in the south Montgomery community make sure you take all the necessary precautions.

Good Luck!


I was surprised when I got several calls and emails from a Houston woman hoping to get help from me.  That woman says she was scammed by a non-profit agency.  She says the director of the group promised to help her repair her home after she received damage from Hurricane Ike.  The woman was told to hand over the $15,000  check she got from her insurance for the damage and the non-profit would apply for more grants to get the home repaired.  Here’s where I came in the alleged scam.

The director of the agency told the Houston woman once she pays the $15,000 and the home repairs are complete then Isiah Carey from FOX 26 will come out and do a story on her.  Huh?  I’m not quite sure why the non-profit would use me as a draw to scam people.  I don’t know the director nor have I ever heard of the agency.  The woman says because the director used my name – she waited a full two years for the repairs to get done.  That woman is still waiting today and has been displaced from her house since and now no money to repair it.  Her $15,000 is gone with the non-profit that has moved twice in as many years.  The Insite will continue digging to try and get this woman some answers!