When I arrived at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center Thursday there metal detector area was buzzing.

Not because of metal objects but because people were whispering about a woman who’d just walked in saying she was headed to court.

There is nothing unusual about that but  how the woman was dressed was the topic of discussion.

I don’t really need to describe it because you see the picture above.

Some even asked if she was actually going to court like that.

The issue of courtroom attire brings up an issue I addressed in a special report a few years back.

That’s how you should dress when you attend court.

In that report Judge Mike Fields says appearance plays an important role in your appearance before the bench.

He says it shows you’re showing respect for the judge and yourself.

Some even say if you make that appearance in court properly or professionally dressed then it could make a difference whether you’re given a second chance or sent to the slammer.

So, take my advice and don’t show up in court with daisy duke shorts on!


  1. evelyn March 10, 2012 6:30 am 

    my name is evelyn /i see the posting about the picture that lady must be crazy.

  2. Hiram Abiff June 25, 2012 12:04 pm 

    They say dress for success. Sadly, we cannot all afford suit, ties, etc. I heard a bayliff once say mam, you cant come in here like that and started a scene. He said you should wear what you wear to church and she said this is what I wear for church.

    The judge stopped court and said mam come up please. The judge in municipal court said sometimes judges get more caught up in the way people dress and place that on the same level as the law. Some folks see those judges as a drain on our tax payers money. He saw the lady, set her case for trial and said – not all judges that view so please dress up for trial court.

    Courts with respect. If the traffic courts can do it why cant the others do it.

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