Some residents in Hempstead are concerned about how some the cemeteries in their area are being maintained.  They’ve provided me with pictures showing flooding and a letter describing the problem.  Here’s that letter:


Dear Mr. Carey,

I hope that this email find you in great spirit and health. As you may know, years ago,  the conditions of the African American and Hispanic cemeteries in Hempstead, Texas were the source of great media attention.

Since the cameras are gone, we are still suffering from taxation without representation even in this late day in America.

The federal lawsuit deemed that we would be treated equal in the upkeep of our cemeteries with our tax dollars, but its to no avail.

We are equal in getting the grass cut, but not in perpetual care.

Judge Hittner ruled that the within five years, unrepresented cemeteries would have come to the same standards as the white cemeteries and the five years have expired.

With these attached photos taken on March 13, 2012 after a weekend of rain, this is atrocious.

With a presently sitting African American mayor, I find this appalling with grave-sites of African American citizens, military veterans and our late former African American mayor/veteran standing under watery soaked graves.

The stench is unbearable after the sun comes out and dries up the vapor.

Currently, all citizens pay $300.00 for perpetual care and upkeep of our cemeteries, however our White and Jewish cemeteries are kept with great amount of proclivity.

Its unfair, because we are paying the same fare, but still having to stand at the back of the BUS.

After reviewing these photos, please feel free to bring some resolution to this situation.

We need your help.

Dr. Walter Pendelton