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He’s made you laugh on radio and Youtube now Houston comedian Billy Sorrells talks seriously on FOX 26 News this weekend. Stay tuned for details and what to expect from this rising star…delete, delete, delete!



There is a growing movement on social media to support a radio news anchor who was terminated this week in Houston.

That man is Scott Braddock.

He tweeted earlier this week that he was fired from News 92 after a dispute with management at the radio station.

But Scott says he’s received an unbelievable amount of support from people on Facebook and Twitter.

Scott, a single father, says he moved back to Houston four months ago and now he finds himself without a job.

However, the journalist tells The Insite he has been receiving calls from other radio stations interested in hiring him but he hasn’t made up his mind just yet.

Those on Twitter who are following Braddock are saying they will no longer follow News 92 but I’m not sure if it has made an impact or caused managers at the radio station to rethink their decision!


DeLoyd Parker, Kofi Taharka, & Krystal Muhammad

DeLoyd Parker, Kofi Taharka, & Krystal Muhammad

For 60 weeks – that’s right 60 weeks – a group of activists have protested in front of City Hall and the Harris County Criminal Justice Center.  The groups – the National Black United Front and the Black Panther Party – are demanding an independent citizen review board with subpoena and prosecution powers.  They want the board to oversee the Houston Police Department.  Krystal Muhammad with the BPP says  there are too many cases of police brutality going unaddressed in the city.  She says they were motivated by the Chad Holly beating.  See the full interview in the video below: