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  1. I must say that I am totally dissatisfied with the United customer service phone center. Not the people but the wait time. As a loyal Continental customer for many years I’m am considering moving my business to another airline. I had to hold for over a half hour to get someone on the phone….I’m mean come on a 1/2 hour…that’s beyond ridicules. The only reason I was on the phone was that fact I couldn’t get the answer to my question online. The Alex artificial intelligence is the worst I’ve ever come across. Just so you know I was on a flight back for San Francisco last week and the two complete strangers I was sitting beside had similar bad experience with the new United. I wish all the employees of United the best of luck with the new company but it might be a very costly failure if the airline treats all it passengers with such poor service. (by the way there is not shortage of people to hire for a call center jobs or companies who can handle overflow when needed.)

  2. I was a very happy Continental customer of many years. United changed all that within a year. Getting a live United associate to discuss a problem is beyond difficult!
    I attempted on another occasion to provide a compliment about an United associate to the management of United. There is no way to do it to their corporate headquarters! try it if you have a few hours to kill!
    Up grades which were realistic with Continential are not user friendly with United. Getting a window or aisle seat is also a challenge that usually fails. I am now going out of my way to find an option to using United, and will continue to do so!

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