If United Airlines hoped for a seamless merger with Continental Airlines – that dream has gone completely down the drain.

The Insite has seen lots of unhappy customers with the big airline.

There have been people complaining about mix up on ticket prices to individuals waiting hours and  I do mean hours on the phone for customer service assistance.

Houstonian Emile Browne has found a way to show the Denver based airline how he feels.

Browne spent the morning on United’s Facebook page chronicling how long he was on hold for customer service.

His first comment on the company’s wall went up after waiting 31 minutes for a United customer service rep.

After 1 hour and 52 minutes Browne says he found himself being attacked by someone from United.  Here’s the exchange

‎1 h 52 moh…asc
Christian ItinStop spamming the wall
    • Emile Browne

      Christian I’m not spamming the wall. I’m sure it is probably your job to monitor the page, but rather than belligerence, I’ll bet, and I’m going out on a limb here, if you were to say, “Emile, I’m sorry you have been on hold for so long. We are truly trying to overcome these challenges, but sometimes with change a few difficulties arise. I’ll in box you an email address where you can let us know exactly what your concern is. Please include pertinent information like dates, times, confirmation numbers, etc. We will assign the issue to one of our customer service staff and keep you updated regarding your issue. Again sorry for the inconvenience.” I’d be more inclined not to post the time I’ve spent on hold…hang up (as I’ve been on hold for 2 h 4 m)…email you…and await a response.
    • Jason DavisThis is a fan page not an Emile annoying spam page – take it elsewhere!


Many of the problems customers are experiencing with delayed flights or long customer service waits  came after the merger of United and Continental’s computer systems.

One thing is clear after reading Facebook –  I don’t think Emile will be flying with United in the near future.

What has your experience been on the airline?





  1. Declan Carney April 9, 2012 1:46 pm 

    I must say that I am totally dissatisfied with the United customer service phone center. Not the people but the wait time. As a loyal Continental customer for many years I’m am considering moving my business to another airline. I had to hold for over a half hour to get someone on the phone….I’m mean come on a 1/2 hour…that’s beyond ridicules. The only reason I was on the phone was that fact I couldn’t get the answer to my question online. The Alex artificial intelligence is the worst I’ve ever come across. Just so you know I was on a flight back for San Francisco last week and the two complete strangers I was sitting beside had similar bad experience with the new United. I wish all the employees of United the best of luck with the new company but it might be a very costly failure if the airline treats all it passengers with such poor service. (by the way there is not shortage of people to hire for a call center jobs or companies who can handle overflow when needed.)

  2. R Groves March 11, 2013 12:00 pm 

    I was a very happy Continental customer of many years. United changed all that within a year. Getting a live United associate to discuss a problem is beyond difficult!
    I attempted on another occasion to provide a compliment about an United associate to the management of United. There is no way to do it to their corporate headquarters! try it if you have a few hours to kill!
    Up grades which were realistic with Continential are not user friendly with United. Getting a window or aisle seat is also a challenge that usually fails. I am now going out of my way to find an option to using United, and will continue to do so!

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