When I made a stop at a local store in Dallas I was puzzled why there was such a long line in the business.

I knew the Mega Millions winning ticket had already been picked.

Was there another big prize I didn’t know about?

The answer was no.

What I was witnessing was blatant and bold backroom gambling.

That’s right as I moved closer to the line near the back of the store I could hear – “I’ll take $50 on the Spurs.”

That’s right bold and blatant illegal gambling.

And it was organized too.

There were yellow and pink slips and lots of money exchanging hands.

Apparently, the owners of the store weren’t concerned about the cops showing up.

Employees would look up nervously when someone would walk in but it would be back to business.

Now, I know we have 8-liners in Houston and some people breaking the rules but the Bayou City can’t touch Dallas with its well oiled gambling machine at least at that particular store.

By the way, those slips / tickets given to customers in exchange for cash read its for entertainment purposes only.