Some people truly have their doubts about an email allegedly sent out by an alleged group of Houston ministers.  The email attacks Houston’s gay community and elected officials.  But some are concerned the letter is nothing more than a fabrication and political strategy by someone who has a candidate in the race.  No sooner than the email was released  several organizations responded by denouncing the candidate who the group of ministers endorsed.  So far I have not been able to get a response from that candidate.  Take a read and tell me what you think.  By the way, the minister who signed the letter is no where to be found on Google!

Press Release from Houston’s GLBT Political Caucus:

With another election cycle comes another candidate who has nothing to offer the electorate than an attempt to sway voters by spouting forth hateful, bigoted rhetoric against the GLBT community.  Given the progress toward
equality that has been made in Harris County over the past 50 years, it is remarkable that someone running for chair of the Harris County Democratic Party would honestly believe that bigotry is an effective means of campaigning.

Despite the fact that Douglas attempted to portray her hateful message as coming from a group of African-American ministers, a digital analysis of the message easily revealed undisputable proof that the message did, in fact, originate directly from the Keryl Douglas campaign.  Any claims to the contrary are simply false.

Coming on the heels of a revelation that right-wing social conservative groups have developed a mission to drive a wedge between the GLBT and African-American communities, this message of bigotry is particularly disappointing, especially when her campaign has made a point to attack Reverend Bill Lawson and Howard Jefferson.  Both of these gentlemen are revered stalwarts of the African-American community and recognize the value in electing the best people to office, regardless of which community they may identify with.  Her decision to attack them demonstrates her disdain for spiritual and political leaders in the African-American community who believe equality should be sought and celebrated.

In the 1970’s, when the GLBT community was being constantly persecuted, attacked, and criminalized, it was the African-American community and leaders like Judson Robinson, Sr. who stood with us and defended us because they recognized that hatred and bigotry against ANY community is an affront to EVERY community.  We are proud of the relationships we have with African-American leaders and with the African-American community as a whole, because we all recognize that our communities are not exclusive of one another.

It is right and just for us to stand up together against hatred and prejudice wherever it may be found, and we will not allow a gay-bashing candidate like Keryl Douglas to denigrate and insult the entire African-American and GLBT communities.  Her message only serves as further evidence that the Caucus, along with many African-American leaders indeed made the correct choice in endorsing Lane Lewis for Chairman of the Harris County Democratic Party.


Note: The Insite is hoping to get a comment from Douglas and her staff on this issue!


The email Freeman claims Douglas endorses and sent out to the community:


A Letter From Ministers for Keryl

Dear Bretheren and Sisters,

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity of meeting a dynamic woman of character and leadership. The woman I speak of his none other than Attorney Keryl Douglas. Some of you may know her and others may be hearing of her for the first time. Keryl is a candidate for Harris County Democratic Party Chairman. Keryl is the former Regional Director of the NAACP and has been a freedom fighter for a number of years. She and my wife are sorority members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

I have now taken on the role of organizing ministers for her campaign.

Over the years she has been involved in various community activities and movements. From our first Black Mayor to participating in the Justice for Trayvon Rally, Keryl Douglas is the leader the Harris County Democratic Party needs and the African American community is poised to make history yet again.

I am writing to you because Keryl is in a close race. Her opponent is openly Gay and has already told supporters behind closed doors that the Democratic Party will endorse a Gay Marriage agenda in November. Friends, this is not the direction we need to go as a community or Party. If the gays take over we are poised to lose everything we have worked for during President Obamas historic win. The Republicans will rally their troops behind a united front of making sure this push for same sex marriage is defeated.

Keryl’s opponent is being supported heavily by Annise Parker, another openly gay politician. If you haven’t seen what has happened at the City of Houston here are the facts:

  • More Gays and Lesbians serve in leadership roles on boards and commissions.
  • The City of Houston got rid of Blue Cross Blue Shield because CIGNA supports Same Sex benefits.
  • The Mayor openly advocated the support of Gay marriage and even tried to embarrass President Barack Obama because he believes marriage is between one man and one woman.

Please share this with your friends and loved ones. This race is the most important down ballot race we will vote for. If we don’t Vote they will continue their take over and pretty soon, the party that we once knew will be a party of homosexuals. Our directives shouldn’t come from San Francisco, but from Harris County voters. How will Democrats look electing a man who sales perfume for a living and lays up with another man? Why are our so called community leaders (Rev. Lawson, Howard Jefferson etc.) supporting this agenda? Are they supportive of this lifestyle too??

We must support Keryl Douglas! Visit her website at


Rev. Willie J.Howard
Ministers for Keryl Douglas




  1. LookALittleDeeper April 18, 2012 11:54 am 

    Can someone describe what consists of ‘Digital Analysis’ because I’ve been doing IT work for my company for a while now and have never heard the term. Sounds like something fabricated in a John Grisham novel. Does that mean you read in 1’s and 0’s? The TRUTH is that one could only know where this email originated from IF they were actively monitoring the IP address WHEN it was sent. So call the NSA. Otherwise, the GLBT Caucus knowingly lied about this PROOF, or they don’t know their a$$ from their elbow when it comes to IT. Emails can ALWAYS be fabricated. MailChimp (how this email was mass-blasted) requires NO authentication saying you are the website you say you are.

    Why doesn’t someone simply get a statement from Rev. Howard, if he exists? (And why are black false flags always named ‘Willie’?)

    Furthermore, the bigger question is: What would Keryl gain from this? She appears shell-shocked by this whole episode. Why would she be shell-shocked by something she was a part of? I’ve read people who say, “Well, at least if she didn’t write it, she could handle it better!” How? Do you really believe you would, after essentially being publicly condemned as a bigot! You can respond only so much to those accusations before you begin to just shut down.

    I feel for anyone who was damaged by this. If Rev. Howard exists, congratulations! You sunk Keryl. If he doesn’t (a belief I lean towards), this is the most despicable act of bating two groups against each other I’ve ever seen. And, Gerry Birnberg should step down for making such inflammatory statements before any facts are in! For someone who went to law school, it’s shocking that he would be so quick to condemn without any investigation.

  2. Dan Brown June 4, 2012 7:21 pm 

    I am gay

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