It was standing room only in the first floor conference room of a Woodlands’ area office building.

No, there were no famous authors or office give-a ways but rather knowledge and information. Information about the dangers of drinking and driving.

The keynote speaker at the crowded event was Warren Diepraam and members of the audience were employees at the electric company Entergy.

Diepraam, a Montgomery County prosecutor, spoke to the group about what he does and how he goes after drivers who get behind the wheel drunk.

Diepraam has been on a mission for more than a decade.  His goal is to educate the community and to rid the streets of Montgomery County of those who commit the potentially deadly offense.

Warren Diepraam (Montgomery County Prosecutor) & Don Lierman (Entergy)

But Diepraam is not alone on that mission. His supervisor, first assistant District Attorney Phil Grant, says they want to get the message out to the community before the arrest happens.

Grant says the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office efforts are paying off with fewer DWI arrests and deaths.

Prosecutors say District Attorney Brett Ligon is not just satisfied with locking people up and throwing away they key. They say he wants to prevent the carnage caused by drinking and driving before it happens.

That’s why if your business, school, or church is in Montgomery County you may just get a visit from Warren Diepraam one day with the county prosecutor’s message not to drinking and driving or pay the ultimate cost.


Link: Montgomery County District Attorney