The Insite has learned three self proclaimed White supremacists have been found guilty of brutally beating and attacking a Black man in Houston last year.  Charles Cannon, 26; Michael McLaughlin, 40; Brian Kerstetter, 32; and Joseph Staggs, 49, were all charged back in January with federal hate crime charges related to the racially motivated assault of 29-year-old Yondell Johnson.  Johnson says he was waiting on a bus stop in downtown Houston last August when he was attacked by the four men because of the color of his skin.  Shauna Dunlap with the Houston FBI office says a federal jury returned guilty verdicts against three of the men.  Dunlap says the fourth man testified against his co-defendants in the case and there is no word just yet when he will be sentenced.  The Insite is attempting to reach Yondell Johnson for a comment!




  1. Devin and denise April 16, 2012 4:00 pm 

    I have no sympathy for.the guy he had alot to do with why he got beat up hell if he was WHITE and the group was black they would have got off. This is the crap that makes people racist.

    • Renee April 17, 2012 2:53 am 

      What do you mean? He was standing at a bus stop? Nobody deserved to be beat up, clearly the odds are not in his favor with four guys against one!

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