It was earlier this week when The Insite reported several staffers had resigned from the office of Houston City Councilwoman Helena Brown.  Many speculated it was because of her behavior best described by some as unreasonable.  Brown has decided to explain the staff vacancies in her council office.  She sent out this update to the voters in her district:

Two of my top staffers have left to pursue other opportunities.

On March 8th, Rasuali Bray asked and was granted my blessing to run for State Senate District 6 on the Republican ticket while remaining on staff. On Monday, April 23th, 2012 Rasuali Bray resigned stating that his “campaign for State Senate has become demanding and paramount” and “I must respectfully pull my attention away from serving District A, to commit my efforts to serving Senate District 6.” I gladly accepted his resignation and wish him the best of luck in his new endeavors.

Also on Monday, Leticia Ablaza, Chief of Staff, submitted her resignation. On several occasions over the past months Leticia approached me about dedicating more time to her children in addition to pursuing other opportunities. Apart from helping the community fight a city ordinance that affected her community and recently running for City Council, prior to working for my office, Leticia had dedicated all of her time to being a full-time mom, a high and noble calling for a mother. Our office wishes the best in her endeavors.

While we currently have two members absent from our team, our staff remains well qualified to cover the various duties of the office. Our staff is dedicated to providing outstanding service to our District A constituents and working on the many important issues before Council.

This office is a place of opportunity for those with a mind for dedicated constituent service and responsible government and a stepping stone to greater opportunities. We have and will continue to benefit from paid and volunteer Council Interns who desire to be a part of this team.

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  1. Barbara Jean July 3, 2012 11:47 pm 

    And this week her former chief of staff stabs her in the back, telling the press how Helena made them change their time sheets. That didn’t take long.

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