This week HPD Police Chief Charles McClelland unveiled a new partnership that involves working with local ministers.

This comes just a week after the department announced they would no longer recognize several different pastoral groups HPD officers have historically worked with. 

One of the groups that hasn’t returned to HPD’s coalition is Ministers Against Crime.

Members say they will not conform to the new rules HPD has put in place for the Police And Clergy Alliance. 

MAC members say HPD wants to control what they say publicly and they can’t adhere to that.

The Insite has learned Ministers Against Crime will make a major announcement next week. 

HPD Press Release:

Houston Police Chief Charles A. McClelland, Jr. announced Thursday (April 26) a partnership between HPD and Houston area ministers in one large volunteer group known as Police and Clergy Alliance (PACA).


Flanked by numerous ministers from throughout the city, Chief McClelland thanked them for participating in a training program designed to help unite area clergy and lay persons with the HPD and serve as eyes, ears and strong voices in their respective communities.

Any clergy or lay persons interested in volunteering with HPD’s PACA program are welcomed and encouraged to contact a member of the Clergy Liaison Unit at 713-308-3200.