The Insite received this letter from an angry Fox 26 viewer who is sweating the small stuff at McDonald’s:

My wife and I are 72. We like to eat at McDonalds but we have to watch our budget. Three weeks ago we visited, and ordered sandwiches and water to drink at the McD at 2125 FM 2920 in Spring, only to discover that a cup of water was now $.25. That is a 5% increase on a $5 purchase, and it affects the people who are on the tightest budgets. (It’s not that we don’t buy meals with soft drinks because we don’t like soft drinks!) To add further insult, the server said the price went up because paper cup prices increased. That might be true. It happens. But we all know that they buy cups by the train load at about a penny each.

I forwarded this to the 100+ people in my circle of genealogist friends, and everybody else on my address book, in hopes that they would do the same. Turns out that they did, and my granddaughter in Kansas heard a DJ in Wichita, KS read the letter over the air!

Anyway, charging for a drink of water, especially in Texas, is NOT acceptable behavior. You don’t turn away a thirsty man OR his horse.

I later visited the store one more (last) time. They have now decided to give one Kids Meal size cup of water for free (with no free refills), but all other cup sizes of water are $1.00!

The McD down the street from them, at 5909 FM 2920 in Spring, says they are charging $1.00 for large cups of water, but apparently no charge for other sizes?

I don’t know if this is a rogue operation by the franchisee rather than a national policy, but either way they have lost my business. I can get a free soda of my choice at Taco Bell, and nice discounts at other places nearby, and all the free water I can drink.

E. B. Spradley


  1. Basha B Barke Brown June 4, 2012 9:08 pm 

    Try Whataburger they don’t charge for water..

  2. RT June 9, 2012 8:50 pm 

    Seriously???? You are upset about a $0.25 water charge? You really must have nothing better to do than attack McDonald’s. 1st you said there is a charge. Then you said a 12 oz cup is free. You also said you don’t like soda, but you can get a free soda of your choice at Taco Bell. McDonald’s is a business. They are in business to make money. They are not a non-profit organization. I am truly surprised that McDonald’s did not begin charging for water a long time ago. McDonald’s is the most inexpensive fast food restaurant in this country. You stated you and your wife spent $5 to feed both of you. Where else can you do that? Go to Whataburger for their free water, but I can almost promise you your bill will be double that of McDonald’s. Have you tried to get a cup of ice from a gas station, it is .25. Have you gone to any concerts or events, water is at least $2. It is unfortunate but the days of complimentary are over. If you want something you must pay for it. Gas stations no longer have full service pumps. Milk is nearly $4 a gallon, and when was the last time you were helped to your car by a grocery store bagger. If McDonald’s charging for a cup a water is the worst thing that has ever happened to you then count your blessings. Better yet, you want to really make your point; go to Costco, buy bulk cups, lids, straws, water, make some ice at home and give away water outside that establishment. I do not believe you would be willing to make that statement, because it would cost YOU money and for some reason YOU should get things for free, while businesses such as McDonald’s should give it away for free!

    • Jimi December 11, 2012 8:04 pm 

      RT— What a dork.
      You ask where 2 can be fed for $5.00. Try Costco, for $3.00 plus tax. Guess what, Costco is a business also. He was not asking for ‘things’ for FREE, JUST water.
      If you live long enough, perhaps you will be blessed to live on a fixed income. Believe me, these days there is no such thing. Our income steadily goes down. Next time we will bring our own water, and our own Coke also.
      My ‘senior’ coffee today at McD’s was .69 cents.
      My cup of water was a $1.00

      • RT June 23, 2013 9:55 am 

        What a dork? Living long enough should give people the opportunity to see how much the world has changed. When was the last time your doctor came to your house? Has the milk man delivered lately? I stand by my previous statement that the days of complimentary are over. In the original post it does state that a 12 oz cup of water is free, you must pay for anything larger. It is not tap water. I feel confident that if you took a cup and filled it up out of the bathroom faucet, you would not be charged. The water at mcd is run through the same system as the soft drinks. As for your $3 meal at Costco, is that before or after the $50 membership fee? What is the membership fee at mcd?
        Again, Mcd is the most inexpensive fast food restaurant in the country. If charging .25 for water helps keep their costs down, I am willing to hand them a quarter without being all butt hurt.

        Let us also not forget all the people that ask for water and then fill their free or .25 cup with soda. People nowadays are all looking to get thing for free.

  3. Lelu January 31, 2013 10:48 pm 

    I worked at McDonalds and it really astonished me how many people walked in there expecting free things. I had people wanting me to fill up small bags with McDonald’s sauces and then throw a fit and storm out when I told them I had to charge for it. Hey, I don’t make the rules or the prices. Don’t bite MY head off just because the people in charge are trying to make sure they don’t lose too much money. And guess what.. McDonalds has to pay for the water and they have to pay to have the filters changed every so often. Every time they raise their prices or start charging for something that used to be free, it’s for a reason. It’s almost always because the old way was causing them to lose money. It’s a business and they’re trying to protect themselves.

  4. Dorothy March 6, 2013 6:14 am 

    The peeople that always have something negative about the free water then I say keep having birthdays.. Yes, I am a senior and have retired after 40 plus year of working. Water is free and God put on this earth for our good. I too have made a effort to stop drinking soda with all its sugar content and start drinking more water and to eat healthier. If Mcdonalds wants to charge for tap water it needs to post it on its menu and let people know of the charge. People should be informed consumer and yes this is a free country and I can take my business else where. I don:t have to eat at Mcdonald. I know how this couple feels for I was told at the Mcdonald in Morrow,GA inside the Walmart that I had to purchase water and purchasing a sandwich.

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