The Insite has learned the attorney who is suing a nationally known gospel singer has been receiving death threats.

It was earlier this week when we first reported James Fortune was slapped with a lawsuit for physical child abuse.

The lawsuit claims Fortune submerged his then 4 year old son in a tub full of scalding water back in 2001.

The attorney who represents the now 15 year old victim says she’s been getting death threats at her law office.

Attorney Toni Jones says she’s received several threatening phone calls since she filed the lawsuit on behalf of her client against Fortune.

Jones says, “my concern is just about the kid.”

She went on to say, “I’m not worried about (threats) that.”


In the meantime, Jones says she has not been able to serve Fortune or his attorney the lawsuit.

She says Harris County Constables have gone to the gospel singers home three times and have n0t been able to get him to accept the document.

Jones says until he is served this matter can’t be put to rest!

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  1. Helen Douglas June 28, 2012 6:16 pm 

    I am becoming more and more concerned about what is going on within religion today. It is sad that in todays society it is more about the money than about the savior. Todays leaders in religion are no longer called or sent but come on their own because they have read (not studied) the bible and can quote it like satan. I understand that in todays society that worship has changed and our young do not feel the way we were bought up back in the day. More people are speaking out about some of those that call themselves people of God. Everyone must remember that He will return someday.

    How could James Fortune have done this horrible thing in the first place and then say that he was not charged with a crime.

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