It was just a few weeks ago when FOX 26 introduced you to little Emily Freeman.  She was one of several young patients from Texas Children’s Hospital recording a soon to be released charity song.  It was part of the Purple Songs Can Fly Project.  As a result of Emily suffering from cancer she lost most of her hair after her medical treatment.  Well, the good news is Leah Hamilton with Tom Magliaro’s Hair Additions says her organization has donated Emily a new head of hair.  I just wanted to say congratulations and wish Emily the best.  Here’s part of the email from Leah:

Hello Isiah,

Do you remember Emily Freeman? (One of the teens at Texas Childrens Hospital who is recording a song for the Purple Songs Can Fly Project at ZapBoomBam studios?)  Well we just donated a new head of hair to Emily.  She is so happy, looking even more adorable, and feeling oh so sassy!  Take a look at some of the shots her mom just forwarded to us.  It was such a joy for our entire staff to work with Emily.  Her sunny disposition and amazing resilience inspired us all. If anyone deserves it, she does. We were happy to add to her success story and I wanted to share it you and possibly your viewers.



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  1. Zo Dreyer July 4, 2012 1:24 pm 

    Fab! The gang at Tom’s are absolutely the best! Thanks for making this miracle happen for Emily!!!All my love!

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