Floyd LeBlanc VP Communications / Center Point

Most people know the relationship between a reporter and the company spokesperson…It’s like oil and water – they simply don’t mix.

Then there are those rare occasions and this is one of them.

I had a chance to work with CentperPoint’s Vice President of Corporate Communications for the first time.  That man is Floyd LeBlanc.

I was preparing a report this week about two Garden City senior citizens who had limbs left on their property by contractors from CenterPoint.

Those workers were clearing power lines.

When the women on fixed incomes realized the debris was left in their backyards they immediately called the power company.

But because of CP’s policy on debris the women were told even though contractors cut it down it was their responsibility to have it removed.

Those women contacted FOX 26.

That’s when I contacted LeBlanc.

Instead of the executive giving me the cold calculated company line – he found a way to address the issue.

Workers come to clean up debris

LeBlanc was able to have the company pick up the tab and removed the tree limbs for the seniors.

This all happened in a matter of hours.

Etherline Roberson

One of those seniors, Ms. Etherline Roberson, simply says thank God.

I think she might also want to thank Floyd as well.

This makes him the Insite VP of Corporate Communications of the Week.

Way to go Floyd!