As part of its continued expansion into Texas, as previously reported by CSNews Online last month, Gulf Oilannounced today that it will return to Dallas through its partnership with Fuel City, one of the Lone Star State’s best-known gas stations.

The news comes close on the heels of Gulf’s return to its native roots in Houston and Austin, Texas. Gulf’s new agreement with Fuel City, located at 801 S. Riverfront Blvd. in Dallas, puts the Gulf brand front and center at one of the most recognized travel centers in the state. Fuel City, in addition to being a gas station, has been named “Best Example of Texas in a Nutshell” by the Dallas Observer, cited for having “The Best Tacos” in Texas by Texas Monthly, and designated as a “Favorite Point of Interest” by former Dallas Mayor Laura Miller.

“We take pride in being a Texas landmark, so when we had the opportunity to add the Gulf brand to Fuel City, we acted right away,” said John Benda, proprietor, Fuel City. “Gulf is a trusted, nostalgic and iconic brand and a great company to work with. We know that drivers throughout the Dallas area will welcome the opportunity to fill up their tanks with Gulf gas, just like they were able to do 20 years ago.”

Gulf Senior Vice President and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Rick Dery called the move “another important step in our work to return the Gulf brand across Texas, where Gulf was born over 110 years ago. We began in Austin last year, re-entered the Houston market last month, and now we are flying the Gulf Oil flag in Dallas once again. Fuel City is one of the highest volume gas stations and travel centers in the state, and it’s a true destination location where truckers, drivers and families also come for dinner, car washes, shopping and more.”

Gulf Oil was a pioneer in branded product sales in Texas in the early 20th century by selling gasoline in containers and from pumps marked with the distinctive orange disc Gulf logo.

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  1. David July 10, 2012 11:31 pm 

    Now if Krispy Kreme came back I’d be a very happy camper!

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