The Factor has learned a Houston based Metro Lift driver has been fired after a report on FOX 26 news.  It was Monday when we reported Victoria Gilkerson says her driver for Metro Lift showed up an hour and a half late.  The visually impaired Houstonian said she had to wait in the heat last week until her scheduled Metro ride showed up.  Metro spokesman Jerome Gray said an investigation was launched after getting Ms. Gilkerson’s complaint.  Tuesday afternoon I received a call from Gilkerson’s driver who said he had been fired.  Josh Curry says there has been an ongoing problem with being late because Metro schedules make no sense.  He says there have been cases where he was in southwest Houston but was dispatched to pick up someone in the northwest part of town even though another driver is closer.  Curry says that causes delays.  However, the 3 year Metro driver says he was late picking up Ms. Gilkerson because he had ants in his van…he says he didn’t want other clients to get bit.  Curry said he had to make a stop to buy bug spray to get the ants out.  In the meantime, Curry says he’s now left with four kids, a new apartment he just moved in, and no job.  We’re hoping to talk with him on camera at some point to explore his allegations against Metro!


Metro Responds to latest charges:

METRO produces schedules each day that allow drivers to transport customers in a safe, reliable manner. We work in partnership with our contractors daily to make changes and adjustments as needed to ensure the timeliness and reliability of the service. Drivers are encouraged to provide feedback.

Jerome Gray

Vice President & Senior Press Officer

Metropolitan Transit Authority


  1. theoneandonly July 10, 2012 6:51 pm 

    METRO is lying… I worked for metrolift for 7 yrs… The driver told the truth… Ain’t no telling where they had him come from to pick her up. I was suspended for picking up out oforder cause I being the driver didn’t wanna pass this stop up to go to another stop pick up then come back to go the same way I headed…. Metrolift dispatch is full of it and they know it…. Smh… I been gone for 3 years and they still on da same ish…

    • Joe G September 4, 2012 10:43 pm 

      your an idiot that got delt with, they dont need trash ass drivers like you to question the system, if they have someone they need u to pick up first because we are late then ur ass better do it or else your canned, and all you damn drivers do is complain and complain everyday about pick ups, just do your damn job, they hired you to drive, why complain when that is 90% of the requirements? IDIOT DRIVERS

  2. Josh Curry March 25, 2013 12:16 pm 

    First of all in response to Joe G you are out of line and incorrect. I am Josh Curry the driver that was wrongfully accused for being late. I was working for Metro Sedan for three years and in that time I have collected over 40 satisfactory comments from clients, as a matter of fact I have received from you. I have always done more that what was required from me. That particular day I was came from off of my hour break on the Katy Freeway. I was dispatched to pickup two people from Post Oak. In route I was called to pickup Ms.Victoria. Then my dispatch called me back and told me to disregard because I wasn’t going to get to her in a timely matter and that another cab will pick her up. After I retrieved my client from post oak, I continued to travel to westview for my second pickup. At that moment I realized that I wasn’t too far from where Ms. Victoria was located., so I called in and told my manager that I would go ahead and retrieve her if she hasn’t been picked up yet. And on arrival I loaded her up and told her that I came to her rescue. Once I was informed that she was there waiting as long as she did, I called in to the dispatch to let them know that I was going to reroute my schedule. At that point I actually dropped her off first instead of last as scheduled. I need people to understand one thing about Metro if you don’t already have knowledge about them. They are very unorganized and have no idea how to route trips. Us drivers has to continue on a daily basis to call in to route the trips accordingly.

  3. Sandra May 10, 2013 1:31 pm 

    Dispatch has favorite drivers. These drivers are allowed to by pass customers if they are running late. Another driver will be sent by dispatch, but being an hour and a half late to pick up a customer doesn’t matter. Dispatch doesn’t have to stand in the heat or cold to wait for a ride. My grandson regularly rides metro to college. He schedules an appointment 30 min. before his class. The ride is scheduled 2 hours before that. He continually misses his first class because dispatch lets drivers by pass him.

    Most of the drivers on the other hand are wonderful. They are always cheerful and friendly to their customers.

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