The Factor has learned a Houston attorney could soon face criminal charges in Waller County.  According to the Waller County Sheriff’s office that attorney led law enforcement officers and Texas State Troopers on a high speed chase last week.  Chief Deputy John Kramer says that attorney who’s name I’m not releasing until there are charges led investigators on a high speed chase/pursuit on July 1st and did not stop until DPS troopers got involved.  Chief Kramer says once the attorney was stopped instead of arresting him he was transported to a local hospital where a blood draw was done.  They wanted to determine if he had been drinking.  Some in the community say it was preferential treatment for someone who is a lawyer.

However, Chief Kramer says he has turned over the case to the Waller County District Attorney.  First Assistant DA John Edwards tells the Insite they do have the case in their office but they’re waiting on a supplemental report from DPS.  Edwards says because charges haven’t been filed he was limited at what he could say.  The prosecutor did indicate he too was also waiting on the blood test results to see if the attorney had drugs or alcohol in his system.  Once again – because the attorney has not been charged I am not releasing his name.  But I am told his car still remains in the custody of DPS.  Stay tuned!