It may not be a good idea if you’re in this country illegally to try and cash in lottery winnings.  On Wednesday alone three individuals and two who identified themselves as illegal immigrants are in a lot of trouble.  They allegedly tried to cash in their winning lottery scratch off tickets only to be met with legal issues.  In one case out of Baytown Diana Martinez is accused of trying to cash in a fraudulent lottery ticket.  Prosecutors say she tried to redeem the $3,000 scratch off but officials at the Texas Lottery Commission identified the ticket as being a fake.  A warrant has been put out for her arrest.  Martinez says she was cashing the ticket for a friend who was in this country illegally and insist the ticket was real.

In another case there is a warrant out for the arrest of Gustavo Hernandez in Houston.  In that case court records show he tried to cash in a $1,000 scratch off instant winner ticket.  The problem?  He needed to give his social security number to get his money.  When the Lottery commission ran his number it was flagged by the state as being another person’s social security number.  Needless to say, Gustavo who said he got the social security number from a friend to work in this country, won’t be claiming that $1,000 prize.  Gustavo, who says he’s from Guatemala, now has a warrant out for his arrest.  The Insite has asked the Texas Lottery Commission for the latest statistics on the number of fraud cases they’ve investigated over the last few years.  Stay tuned!