A Houston business owner says he pays his taxes and expects to get the assistance of the Houston Police Department.  But Gus Chabayta says he’s not getting that.  His electronics store (J&K Electronics) located on the North Freeway was burglarized Wednesday by thieves he caught on surveillance video.  Chabayta says at least five suspects in three vehicles were able to make off with nearly $30,000 in televisions and electronics.

If you walk into his north Houston showroom today the independent store owner is nearly out of stock.  He says officers from HPD didn’t arrive until 45 minutes after the burglary and they didn’t want the surveillance video of the suspects in action.  That’s not all.  Chabayta says the same suspects returned a few days later but by then his his security at the store was beefed up.

Chabayta says he’s more upset now with the lack of response from the Houston Police Department.  He says officers told him if he wanted more done he should contact the Mayor’s office because they don’t have enough manpower on the streets!

Thieves carrying tvs out of J&K Electronics!

Note: When this same situation happened with another Houston business owner Lt. Mike Osina with HPD says they have to prioritize their burglaries.  He says the department works 10,000 such cases each month.  Lt. Osina also says a video tape won’t always make the case a slam dunk because officers still need to identify the suspects!