Congratulations to the congregation at Buck Street Memorial Church. The religious sanctuary has endured for 100 years in a city that tears down old things really quick. The history of the church is below:


Buck Street was founded in 1912, by the late Elder William “Billy” Johnson, at 2917 Buck Street, Houston, Texas.  For the first five years, the Mission held worship services in various locations that included Hill Street, Nance and Schwartz “Big Tree”, and Meadow Street.  Elder Johnson then rented a shotgun house on Buck Street, and converted it into a house of worship.  In 1918, a muddy area of land, known as the Tadpole Ground, was purchased at 2917 Buck Street.  It was at this location a church building was erected and dedicated in 1922, as the Buck Street Church of God In Christ. 

The worship services were characterized by joyous singing, hand clapping, and dancing.  This prompted crowds of people to stand outside and peer through the windows at the service.  Under the dedicated and stalwart leadership of Elder Johnson and his wife Ellen, the membership grew to more than 300, which included Blacks, Whites, and Hispanics. In August of 1936, Elder John Gamble was appointed as Pastor of Buck Street. 

In 1937, the church was remodeled and the seating capacity was expanded.  In 1954, the property at 2917 Buck Street was sold to make room for the new Eastex Freeway (Hwy 59).  In 1955, the property at Deschaumes and Legion Streets was purchased, and a beautiful brick edifice was erected, with a seating capacity of about 500. 

The new church building was completed in 1956, and dedicated as Buck Street Memorial Church of God In Christ.  Elder John Gamble successfully pastored this church for 43 years. On November 20, 1979, Elder Charles A. Harrison was appointed as Pastor of Buck Street. 

On January 4, 1984, the interior of the church was destroyed by fire, and the church was remodeled as it stands today.  In March of 1991, Elder Harrison was retired and Elder Pinkston Bell, Jr., was appointed as the pastor of Buck Street.  He continues to shepherd this flock of God’s people today.